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25 More Astrological Tidbits ( With A Little Help From My LL Friends)

1. A man with Venus trine Moon will be uber charming. He will make women feel very special. Most of his friends will be woman.

2. Moon in Aries in a woman makes her have a “butch” vibe unlike the men with Moon in Aries who don’t.

3.Mercury in Saggi is bad at giving directions or taking them.

4. Moon conjunct the ASC makes a person good looking

5. ASC in Leo gets obsessed about his looks. He likes long hair.

6. Leo Sun can convince people he knows what he is talking about, even if he knows nothing about the subject.

7. Mars in Virgo can be a fussy grandmother type getting too anal about details.

8. Mars in Pisces is prone to nursing a destructive habit( smoking, drinking, watching porn at work etc)

9. Mars in Cancer is passive aggressive,

10. Venus in Scorpio is a natural psychologist. He needs no training.

11. Venus in Aquarius doesn’t like mainstream things and is likely to pick “offbeat” entertainment.

12. Libra ASC, Sun or Moon care a great deal about what people think of them.

13. Men with Virgo Suns wish women would seduce them.

14. Scorpios don’t like surprises.

15. Many serial killers have Algol conjunct the ASC.

16. The fixed stars Aldebaran and Betelguese conjunct personal planets( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) will give riches and honor if you have integrity. If not, you will have a bad fall.

17. The House of your Chiron will be your greatest, lifelong wound.

18. The House of your Pluto is where you can find your personal power( and we all need it) In this house, you must be strong to find out that you CAN be.

19. The House of Saturn is the domain in which you will struggle so you can find wisdom and maturity.

20. Moon in Gemini can get away with insulting people through jokes.

21. Jupiter opposed to Uranus likes to shock people.

22. Moon trine Sun individuals give great advice.

23. Moon square Sun people have trouble seeking emotional help.

24. Venus conjunct Jupiter people are very generous and big spenders

25.Venus in Libra are always so stylish and well-groomed.


6 thoughts on “25 More Astrological Tidbits ( With A Little Help From My LL Friends)

  1. amiannBlasphemous

    Which cereal killers have Algol conj ASc?
    What if they have that n r nt ser killers? Hw wld hvg the be header on asc make them feel/look?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Great name, Blasphemous!

      I know that some prominent serial killers have Algol conj the ASC. I can’t remember who, now. It is interesting that i was just talking to someone who thinks he is a sociopath and he has this. I don’t know how it would make a person look, per se. I think it makes one WANT to do evil. I think that is how it would manifest, in my opinion. I thing there would be a propulsion toward evil.

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