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25 More Astrological Tidbits from My LL Friends.

If you want to find a really smart group of people who know how to have fun, check out I asked my friends for some help and got a goldmine of great Astrological tidbits. I hope you like them as much as I do.

1. Mercury in Sagittarius can’t keep a secret.

2. A 6th house stellium has a special love for animals.

3.Mercury opposed to the ASC likes to pick fights.

4. Venus in Scorpio thinks he is a natural psychologist but may blow hot air.

5.Aquarius girls have the girl next door charm. Think about Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Tate, Paris Hilton, Misha Barton, Farrah Fawcett, Natasha Kinski and Lauren Conrad.

6.Sun conjunct/square or opposite Saturn trusts no one.

7. Girls with Sun conjunct Ceres really love children.

8. Moon conjunct IC may be the favorite of one or both parents.

9. Geminis have lovely hands which look like the hands of a pianist.

10. Mercury in Cancers sing wonderful, soothing lullabies.

11. Uranus in the 3rd House can cause people to say shocking things.

12. Geminis talk fast.

13.Mars in Taurus is stubborn.

14. If you have a Libra ASC, you will admire people who can say things boldly and with courage. However, you may secretly resent them because you are jealous.

15. You can check the traits you want in a partner by the sign on the DSC but you will be attracted to the traits, not the actual sign.

16. Your South Node, by sign and house, is what comes easily to you like water falling off a ducks back.

17. Your North Node is aspirational and therefore hard to do, by sign and house.

18. If a man has Jupiter in the 8th House, he is said to be well endowed.

19. Jupiter in the 12th House may have many, many near miss accidents but escape hurt.

20 Venus Retrograde does not understand love. Hence, they have many, many let downs.

21.Eris conjunct the ASC or NN has the annoying vibe of a mosquito.

22. Pholus conjunct the ASC or NN shakes things up such that there is an uncomfortable “bull in the china shop”

feeling about them.

23. Quoar conjunct the ASC is out of the box brilliant.

24. Swindle or Lie conjunct the ASC or NN may be a con man. Watch out.

25. Maniac conjunct the ASC or NN may be a bi-polar indication.

26. Moon in Cancer in a female has large breasts.




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6 thoughts on “25 More Astrological Tidbits from My LL Friends.

  1. amiannKristieJenkins

    Direct and to the point, as always! I miss talking with you, Ami!
    Mars in Sagittarius (it’s VERY hard to keep a secret, to myself, therefore will only turn to one who has thoroughly proven their loyalty, again and again, in order let it out! 😉

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