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25 MORE Astrological Tidbits

1. The perfect placement for a policeman–Pluto in the First House. This Pluto placement reeks of authority

2. Can See Psychological Patterns Very Easily——Jung Asteroid conjunct the ASC, Sun, Moon or Mercury

3. Will tell you the Truth( YES, you do look fat in that bathing suit)—–Mars conjunct Mercury

4. Can Charm the Birds From the Trees—-Moon trine Venus

5. The Least Sheeple Aspect in All of Astrology–Unaspected Uranus

6. Can Have Terrible Temper tantrums the Likes of Which You Have Never Seen—-Unaspected Mars

7. Passive Aggressive—Mars in Cancer

8. Can’t stand a little bit of a strange smell or taste—Venus in Virgo

9. Has collections of pens, pencils or dictionaries—Unaspected Mercury

10.The Most co-dependent Asteroid—Echo. If one has it conjunct the ASC, Sun, Moon or Saturn, one suffers in finding one’s voice.

11. The Male Model Aspect—Sun conjunct Venus. They look like a page from GQ

12, Psychic Sponge or Vampire—Kaali conjunct the ASC

13. Had Women Abuse her because of her Beauty and Hates Men–Medusa Asteroid conjunct the ASC

!4 Struggles with sexual identity–Mars square Venus

15. Super sexy vibes–Mars conjunct Venus

16. Feels left out and as if she does not fit in group situations–Saturn in the 12th House.

17. HAS to find God–9th House stellium

18. Has a deep well of pain which is very hard to access or to even know of what it consists—Chiron in the 12th House

19. Natural Charm–Unaspected Venus

20. Does not like woman( but usually won’t admit it)–Mars square Moon

21. Cold emotions—Moon in Libra

22. Identity issues–WHO am I?–Neptune conjunct the ASC or in the 1st House

23. Loves to write poetry–Venus in Pisces

24. Has many near death accidents but escapes as if by supernatural luck— Jupiter in the 12th

25. Has a happy vibe–Jupiter conjunct the ASC, MC Sun, Moon or Venus



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