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Christianity—– Astrology, The Dark Side and Demons




I get hate mail from Christians who tell me I am from the devil. I understand where they are coming from. I used to be there. I will try to explore this subject in this article.

I had an Astrology library many years ago before I found Jesus. The Messianic rabbi told me to throw it away. With great regret, I did. I went to a messianic synagogue and a Christian church which loved Israel and the Jews. Many don’t, but that is a whole other can of worms. Astrology was considered a portal to the dark side. I gave up Astrology until one night at 3 AM, a voice told me to study Astrology. It told me to cancel my Net Flix subscription( to which I was addicted)

The Bible says to test the spirits to see from whence they came. There is a spiritual world with both dark and light forces. Just look around. You will see the darkness. The root of it is from this unseen spiritual world. You can FEEL the darkness in your own addictions, depressions and angst. I struggle with the darkness. I think we all do, to different degrees. At any rate, I did not want to go into a pursuit that would pull me into the darkness anymore than the depression I have suffered since I was a young teen, so I tried to quiet my mind and ask God if He wanted me to study Astrology.I told Him I would throw it away in an instant if it was not His will for me. I told Him I would proceed in my study of Astrology but for Him to let me know by a feeling of peace.

I joined I loved it. I found that Astrology was easy for me.I have the asteroid Astrowizard conjunct my Ascendant, which makes me wonder if God’s plan for me was to become an Astrologer. At any rate. I had a tremendous peace when studying Astrology. I still do. When I am down, I read charts. It puts me into a meditative state. At the same time, I can help people and that always takes you out of yourself. We all need that, in order to be happy, in my opinion.

The larger issue in my writing this article is to talk about being a Christian and an Astrologer. The Bible says that by their fruits you will know them. My fruits seem to be getting greater and greater, as far as being able to reach out to people. When I do, I am there to share Jesus. I do not push it, as that seems to me to be hawking like you would hawk a cheap product. It seems disrespectful to Jesus to try to push Him down people’s throats like a bad tasting medicine. He is more valuable than the Hope Diamond. People have to initiate a conversation with me about Jesus, most of the time. Sometimes, I will start it, if I feel I am being led to. However, it is always for the good of the other person, not for my own ego.

Astrology is a science. It is a science of the electromagnetic energy emanating from the planets, asteroids etc. It is neither dark nor light. It is science. The last thought I will leave you with is that Astrology shows the order of the Universe. Hence, it leads back to God.









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One thought on “Christianity—– Astrology, The Dark Side and Demons

  1. amiannJamie

    Thank you for writing his article as I have struggled with this myself. I, as you, had a gut feeling to look at astrology within the last year. I literally became addicted. I also hoped it was God telling me to study in order to better understand my soul’s growth…as I have prayed significantly over the past past year for healing. Ironically, I have Astrowizard retrograde conjunct my NN by less than a degree! It also confirmed that I should trust my intuition about people and accept my psychic abilities are a gift and not rubbish:
    I have neptune HEAVILY aspected in my natal
    Moon (unaspected) and venus in the 12th house
    ASC, MC, Uranus and Jupiter all in water signs

    Thank you for easing my mind in struggling with accepting both Christianity and Astrology..BTW, having a degree in the Sciences, I also believe Astrology is a science and not simply an “art” or “entertainment.”

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