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A Christian Psychic Vs a Non Christian Psychic

There is a dark element to the spiritual world and there is an element of light. The spiritual world is very real. It is unseen but can be felt. One can feel dark thoughts coming into one’s mind to do things wrong or hurt oneself by drinking, drugs or any behavior that is harmful. We think that voice is our own, but often it is not. Sometimes is is. However, there are certain rules which apply to the spiritual world just as certain rules or laws apply to the physical world. Gravity would be one such law in the physical.

In the spiritual world, there are similar laws. The dark forces can only influence a human through his mind. They cannot come to you physically and hurt you unless you allow them in. As I write this, I do think of times that dark forces have come into the physical world and hurt people, so I guess I am wrong here. However, IF they do, you still have ultimate power over them if you know the rules. I will elaborate. The name of Jesus and calling on that name to make dark forces flee, will work. You do not have to believe in Jesus to call on his name. If you say,”Flee in the name of Jesus”, they must. I heard of one alien abduction where the person did just this and the aliens disappeared. I have not had an alien encounter, nor do I want one but this does sound true to me. I think the aliens are beings from the dark side.

The most common way that dark forces try to influence our minds is through our thoughts. I have never had a physical encounter . However, I DO have these forces try to influence my mind. There are several named spirits in the Bible. One is the spirit of fear. These kind of spirits can be passed down through the generations. That is one reason that families have fear, depression, addictions etc passed down. I know the spirit of fear is at work in me. I feel it as a heavy oppression. I bet you have felt similar ways and thought it was just you. Many times, it is not. When one encounters either thoughts or actual presences from the dark side, one feels a very heavy oppression. This is how you know. You may feel as if you are overwhelmed with fear, sadness, hopelessness or depression.

The Bible tells us ways to deal with these dark forces. Our biggest obstacle will be the stronghold they have built up. An example of a stronghold would be a belief that you are have no value. These beliefs are layered as a layer cake. Your background may have built them up in you. You may have been abused or bullied. You most likely had experiences that laid the foundation for the building of this stronghold. The dark forces know where you are weak. They know where you doubt yourself. They inhabit the spiritual realm which can see the physical realm. Hence, they can see you. One thing that they cannot do is know your thoughts. Only God can do this. The dark realm can know what you think only by what you say. That is why the Bible puts such an emphasis on your words.

The most important( and practical) rule in the spiritual world is that all forces are subservient to God. Jesus is the ruler of the spiritual world and as such, we can call on His name when we are dealing with dark forces. They will have to flee. This has 100% certainty. However, they may come back and you may have to do this many times before they go. Also, we have to look at your personal spiritual condition. If you are not a Born Again Christian, you do not have the spirit of God living inside you. I know this sounds bad to say but I am not into political correctness, as you probably know if you read my website. Truth is love. Any form of lying is the opposite of love. If you are not a Born Again Christian, you can still deal with the dark side, as I told you. However, it will probably come back and you will have to keep doing this. How often it comes back, I cannot say. The person who had the alien encounter and made it go away, made great headway. However, I don’t know what happened, if anything, after that.

However, if you are a Born Again Christian, you have many tools open to you in fighting the dark side. It is a fight. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The Born Again Christian has won the fight, already, but he may not know it. Most Born Again Christians don’t understand what they have gotten when they made Jesus their Lord and their savior. These words “lord and saviour” have been overused to the point that they are not understood. I will try to explain.

The Born Again Christian is filled with the Holy Spirit. What that means is that the born again experience is an actual in dwelling of God. God has three forms, if you will, God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the form of God that comes to reside in people when they accept Jesus as their God. How this happens is supernatural. Again, we are dealing with a spiritual realm that is outside our five senses. When a person becomes born again, he can be led by God in a way that a non believer cannot. Inside the believer is a God led compass .Inside the believer in Jesus in the actual spirit of God residing. If you look into the eyes of a true believer in Jesus, you will see a light. That is the light of God’s spirit which shines out of the eyes of someone who has it living inside them. I can tell this in people I meet–95% of the time. I will ask people just to confirm it . In the eyes of any unbeliever no matter how good a person he is, is darkness. There can never be the light of God inside someone who does not have the Holy Spirit. Even the wisest men of our time( or any time) such as Ghandi, Buddha will not have eyes lit up by God. They cannot. It is impossible.

I took a long rabbit trail to get to my original topic, how a Christian psychic is different from a non Christian psychic. However, the background was needed. The Christian psychic receives his/her input from the Holy Spirit. A true Christian( of which there are few relative to the many people who profess it) receives his input from the Holy Spirit. I steer clear of the dark side. I struggle with it, personally, as I believe fear and depression arise from here. However, I do know the voice of the Holy Spirit. That is what I call on when people come to me for readings.People ask me why I do not do this free. That is a good question. The answer is that I used to and it was untenable because I was swamped and people did not appreciate me. So, this avenue came to be. Also, God knew that I needed to attain the personal maturity that it takes to have a business and I am. Volunteering did not teach me the skills that having my own business does. This is not my living, so I never need to promote it for my life sustenance. It is my joy and my service to God. I took another rabbit trail but my articles seem to write themselves and this was no exception.

I would say that my life purpose is to lead people to Jesus. All works not done for God will burn. When you go to Heaven, you take with you what you did for God, on this earth and what you did with a pure heart. I fail along the way, as those of you who know me know. However, my motivations are pure. Always look to God, not any man. Every man will fail you. If you want to know how to be Born Again, contact me. It would be my pleasure to tell you.


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