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A Planet Conjunct the MC—Destiny

One’s destiny is wrapped up with any planet which conjuncts the MC. The MC is our face to society, our public face. One’s chart is one’s destiny to a large degree. Some people may balk at this. However, we accept destiny in earthbound things such as height. A basketball player must be tall. A pianist must have certain kinds of hands if he is to achieve high levels in classical music. We each have different earth bound gifts. The same thing is true for Astrology. We have certain gifts and certain liabilities. The chart does not make it so.It highlights it. It points out our strengths and our weaknesses. What would one pay for a clear view of oneself? People pay thousands in therapy and receive little, in my experience. The chart can tell all at a very small price. However, I am getting off my point which is one’s destiny. If one has a planet conjunct the MC, one was created to show that planet to the world. That is a simple sentence but true. If you are the bearer of a planet conjunct the MC, your destiny is to take this planet to others. The MC is a giving position. One was made to be a giver and a giver of the traits of that particular planet.

3 thoughts on “A Planet Conjunct the MC—Destiny

  1. amiannDL

    when you write something like this you always make it seem so wonderfull to have a specifit planet in sign or aspect 🙂

    somehow i cant really see my self giving charm and grace to others (venus conjunct MC)

    but maybe its becume im yet to leave my home inviorment and start dveloping those traits…

    il be happy to hear your comments

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