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A Quick Guide to Aspects and Colors of Aspects as Seen on Charts

Red–are hard aspects–This is where it is hard to deal with what it touches–challenging

Blues are easy aspects. These are easy. These are the trines and the sextile. The trines are pure gifts. The sextiles have to be worked on a little but are gifts too

Green are quincunx. This allows you to transform yourself by blending the signs and houses in to a new whole. With the quincunx you would have a whole new animal or fruit as you have left behind the original aspects and made a new entity . This would be like a peach and a tangerine becoming a nectarine. The nectarine is an entirely different fruit. This would be like a horse and a donkey becoming a mule. The quincunx is my favorite aspect after the trine. The trine is a pure gift.It is so easy for you that you think everyone has the ease with which you do in the area of your trine. They don’t. It is just that easy for you due to your trine.

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