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A Synastry With No Moon Connections

lowell-herrero-judy-and-margeI think of my own life and the charts of my clients when I write articles. If I have not lived it in one of these two ways, I won’t write about it. There is too much mental meandering going on in Astrology. If you can’t touch it, grab onto it and use it, I am not interested. That brings me to this subject. The Moon is one’s heart. It is the essential self.The Sun is one’s identity but one shows that to everyone. The Moon is shown to one’s intimates. There is a BIG difference .

Intimacy is heart to heart. That reminds me of the saying that falling in love is child to child. All of the above is about Moons. I don’t think anyone is satisfied with the quick fling. If one has enough of them, they become like eating too much chocolate–YUCK. Every human being longs for intimacy. Hence, one must look at the Moons.

I would go as far to say that one will never connect with no Moons in the synastry. One could have a lifelong relationship in which hearts do not touch. One may have Venus trine Venus. One may think the other person is beautiful and pleasing. However, there may not be that simpatico. Some people may not need it. That may be another issue. Some people may be content with a distant relationship. If this were to be the case, I think that person would have to be low in water.

One of my clients told me of her angst in not being able to connect with her mother. I checked out the charts. Her mother’s Sun made no aspects to my client’s chart. The relationship was one of a hole in the soul. This is the Sun and not the Moon but got me thinking of the importance of charts aspecting. One cannot make an apple from an orange or vice-versa. One is who one is. One will not fit with everyone. The charts can forestall a great deal of trouble by a simple synastry.

I have some relationships with Venus trine Venus and no Moon aspects. Then, I have had some relationships with Moon trine Moon and even Venus squared.. To me, Moon trine Moon is much more powerful and can go the distance better. I wonder what you all think?

2 thoughts on “A Synastry With No Moon Connections

  1. amiannEva

    You are so right about no moons connection Ami,
    it made my realise why I used to feel so emotionally hungry in my previous long term relationship.
    I had this feeling of knowing that we are not soul mates, like there was missing this special feeling when 2 souls become one and they know exactly what other feels and understands without saying a word. This was missing there, probably that was the reason why I felt very often emotionally upset and frustrated. But I loved this person with all my heart anyway and I never wanted to end it. Only aspect which was there was his Saturn trine my moon and my amor conj his moon and there were few squares to our venuses. Relationship didn’t survive. I am sure with moons connection there is better chance of surviving all the storms relationships go through.
    Thank you for article!

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