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Addictions Are Painkillers

Addictions are pain killers. How do you make pain go away? Addictions will take it away, short term. Pain is like a buried bed of rocks on the floor of the Grand Canyon. People will give you platitudes because they don’t know what else to say. They probably have too much of their own pain. Or else, they don’t understand deep and buried pain. How does one get rid of it without addictions? The process is very, very slow. One must have God. God will not be be fickle and flawed as are all humans. One must be able to cry. One must have people to whom one can cry and unburden oneself. One must find a purpose which gives meaning to one’s life. One must give to others. When you give to others, God opens the door for others to give back to you. It takes a long time to empty out deep pain. The most important thing to do is to run toward it, not away from it. How can you fix something if you are running in the opposite direction.

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