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ALERT for Name Asteroids

I left out a crucial piece of information on my article on name asteroids. In fact, I forget to do this when I do charts, although I don’t know why. The most important name asteroid you need to check is your own name. One brilliant person, Joy, has her name asteroid conjunct Mercury. Another person witha great deal fo pain in her life has her name asteroid conjunct Chiron. Please, check your own name and write to me <3

13 thoughts on “ALERT for Name Asteroids

  1. amiannGabby

    I have 2 names that are close…one is my exact first name the other a very close of my 1st and last name…first name falls on ascendant, 1st n last falls on descendant!

  2. amiannJane

    What does it mean when my first name squares my Mars 1 deg and someone’s name trines my sun 1 deg and squares uranus 0 deg?

  3. amiannJane

    Squares my mars means I wud love arguments? heheh idk maybe. And it is my name asteroid squaring a guy’s Uranus on his natal chart.

  4. amiannLinda

    Hi Amiann,
    I like to read your journals, also the old ones about the name asteroids from Febraury 11, 2013. Very interesting! I have a question about it. In the natal chart my name asteroid is conjunct Uranus in the 1st House and both are in synastry conjunct Moon of a dear friend of mine. What does this mean? Hope I will read from you soon. Thank you for your wisdom!

    grtz Linda

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Linda! Well, for your name Asteroid to be conj Uranus, you were made to be an out of the box person. You were made to be unique, so try not to squelch that in order to fit it! For You friend, I bet you will shake her up. It will prolly be a close and warm relationship but you will help you to not be so conventional and you may make her shed some old ideas that limit her. Does that fit?

      1. amiannLinda

        Yes Amiann you are fully right 🙂 According to a lot of people I am a weird person, haha different as average. I do and think in an other ways than most people do. And in case of my friend (he is a male)… we have a close and warm relationship indeed, but sometimes I think he does not feel safe with me, because of my unconventionailty but I have the idea that he finds me interesting.
        You are right: the charts do not lie!

  5. amiannadele

    Hi Amy….wonder if you could help interpet my name asteroid…..
    My name is conjunct my Sun,merc,jupiter,chiron all in my 10th house/mc.

    and my boyfriends name is conjunct my venus 🙂

    Adele x

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Wow Adele
      Your name asteroid is confirmation that God indeed has a purpose for your life and it will be in a public setting You were made to do something in career and society. Maybe, you will be famous or maybe well known in your field, hence your name conjunct your 10th house stellium. This is fascinating. You can post your chart in my Personal Readings Forum if you would like and ask any questions you may have!

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