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Alice in Wonderland Asteroid( 291)

A color eye make upI practically fell off my chair when I checked this one out. I was helping a precious girl on She was dealing with some emotional issues and I was helping her with her asteroids to try to find out why. She had Madhatter conjunct her Sun. I researched Madhatter and wrote an article on it. She said that her childhood was indeed like the story of the Madhatter.

I was talking to some LL friends about this and one put up the Asteroid numbers for all the Wonderland characters. She said that Alice was the sane one in a world gone mad. That got me thinking that that was my life. I have a strong logical and rational chart. I have a Gemini stellium in the 9th House with a Cancer Moon conjunct the MC.

For those people who do not understand what this means, it is that I was gifted with detachment, logic, reason and objectivity. I grew up in a home that made no sense, just like Alice’s world. Nothing was as it seemed. I was like an oasis in desert of trouble and angst. In time, I became numb, as happens with continued trauma.

However, I am writing this article because I checked the Alice asteroid in my chart and she is conjunct my Mercury , exact. This one aspect is the story of my life, as surely as anything in my chart. Discovering this make me fall more in love with Astrology and the Creator of our charts, God, who has a plan for each of us.

Check out Alice in your chart and see where YOU stayed sane in a world of craziness.




15 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Asteroid( 291)

  1. amiannLon Spector

    Ami, I’m curious as to why you continue to volunteer for Goodman.
    You said you felt indebted to Goodman for the help they gave you in the
    past. But there ARE some topics on Goodman that you would avoid putting
    on THIS website because you don’t feel they are “Christian.”
    Are you comfortable with that? I thought your objective was to surpass
    Goodman. Since the fundulmentalists will reject you REGARDLESS of what
    you post, why not expand the range of topics you post here?
    Lexigramming is no more “santanistic” then Astrology itself! Of couse,
    Astrology insn’t satanistic but neither is Lexigramming!
    I didn’t go on Goodman yet. I like things “simple” and “uncomplicated.”
    I perfer “one stop shopping!” Please EXPAND your repeturior, so this can
    become a COMPLETE site!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      What do you want on here, Lon? Which topics on Goodman would I not put on here? I would not put Satanic things on here. Some things I don’t understand such as lexigramming but I would put it on here. I think Tarot is from the dark side, so I would not put it on here. Mainly, I don’t know about Lexigramming. You can study it and come put topics up. I would not put on Tarot, though.

    2. amiannamiann Post author

      I love I love Randall, the head of it. I love most people there. Some I don’t but that would be the case in any large community. I have bonds there and it is a place where I can help people, too. Also, I am one of the few Born Again Christians on there and I think God wants me to be a voice for Him on there. Those are the reasons.

  2. amiannLon Spector

    Dear Ami.
    It’s very difficult to believe that you didn’t learn some things about
    Lexigramming at Goodman. After all, it’s part of her book “Starsigns.”
    I suppose Linda Goodman was dead by the time you worked at the site.
    There WERE a few “born agains” at Goodman? That’s hard to believe!
    You couldn’t have had much luck “witnessing” there.
    The reason for my interest in Lexigramming, is I want to subject Casey
    Anthony to EVERY form of analysis I know of. Linda said you can find out
    secrets about the person. What greater secret could there be then
    whether she really commited the crime? It should be easy enough, because
    Casey’s name contains her daughter’s name as well.
    Obviously, you come up with the words “case” (And her court “case”
    caused quite a sensation.) And “ant.” The “ants” DID crawl on her child’s
    body while she was decomposing in the swamp. I can’t form intelligable
    sentences that would tell me anything else.
    Casey’s protectors are keeping her on a very short leash, so that’s how
    she’s avoided trouble thus far. They won’t be around forever. But they
    could be around for many years.

  3. amiannLon Spector

    I can’t for the life of me understand the things that interest most people, but
    then again, they can’t understand the things that interest me!

  4. amiannLon Spector

    I subscribe to the addage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Astrology
    functioned perfectly well without the “baggage” of asteriods.
    Don’t they only complicate things?
    For example I heard you speak about the asteriod “Jung.” Jung was the name
    of a famous psychatrist, a rival of Sigmund Freud.
    I DO happen to believe that Jung was the more astute man, but REALLY,
    an asteroid named ‘Jung?” That reminds me of a scam from the 1980’s of
    naming newly discovered stars after people. They would sell you a scroll claiming
    that the star was named after you and telling you were it was located.
    I don’t think that attaching a persons name to a star or asteroid means
    Let’s get to the very heart of the matter! Why does she do the things she does?
    All these asteroids are going to tell us that?

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