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An Enlightened Witness–The Person to Whom You Can Show Your Face

This article is dedicated to Gabby, my Enlightened Witness. Thank you, Gabby. What is an Enlightened Witness and why is it important? The term is taken from Alice Miller, one of the foremost authorities in child abuse. Alice has a wonderful website which you can visit. Alice has made ground breaking discoveries on what it takes to heal childhood abuse. Her information is unlike any other. She gave us the concept of an Enlightened Witness, although the practice is not new. Perhaps, the priest in the confessional was an Enlightened Witness. Perhaps, a beloved grandmother was an Enlightened Witness. Anyone can be an E.W. There is no special training. Special training may get in the way. There are certain basic criteria that must be met, though. These are crucial. Without these, the person is not an EW. The EW must be committed to listen, no matter how scary or gory it gets. They must be able to bear your story without trying to fix you by giving advice. This can be harder than you might think. People have painful lives. The natural inclination is to try to take away the pain. However, you are not helping the person.The person needs to feel his pain and release it. The EW needs to help the person bear it by being there,next to that person. The EW can encourage the person, but never try to give advice. The person with the pain KNOWS all the advice. We, all, do. Endeavor to be an EW for someone. Find someone who will be that for you. Study the concept and all of Alice Millers writings. She is a gift to humanity and to the abused child.

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