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An Intimate Look at an Unaspected Moon

I am doing the chart of a female unaspected Cancer Moon in the 10th House. I cannot stop thinking of Micheal Jackson, who had an almost unaspected Moon. He had one square from Saturn. This is a hindrance, so one can say that Micheal’s theme of the unaspected moon is strengthened. I think with sadness about Micheal’s life because I think he was misunderstood. People thought he was a predator because they did not understand the anomaly which IS the unaspected Moon. The holder of an unaspected planet IS an anomaly. Let’s get that straight, right off the bat. The person is an aberration. This does not mean the aberration is bad. It is just different. We must start from there, if we are to understand the unaspected Moon.

Micheal Jackson is a very public example of an unaspected moon. What one sees when one looks at Micheal is raw vulnerability. His sweetness is genuine. His childlike spirit is genuine. His love of children was genuine, not perverted, as was indicated by his lawsuit against him, which was settled When one is a pubic figure who was as wealthy as Micheal, there would be actual predators coming out of the woodwork. Micheal was the victim, not the predator, in my opinion. No person can know what went on behind closed doors, with absolute certainty. My opinion is based on knowing Astrology and knowing human nature.

The unaspected planet is considered a gift. If one believes in reincarnation, which I don’t, the bearer of an unaspected planet was thought to have earned it by good karma. At any rate, it is considered a gift. I can see this with the other unaspected planets. However, the unaspected moon is very hard on the native. The unaspected moon native blesses others, while he may suffer, greatly. Micheal was a blessing to others. This is the hallmark of the unaspected moon. The unaspected moon possesses traits which are unheard of in an adult. He is, still, childlike. He retains an innocence , even though he may go through many trials. Perhaps, he is a child, locked inside an adults body, the proverbial Peter Pan. We love the story of Peter Pan. It endures through the ages because it lives, somewhere in the innocent part of all of us.


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