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Anti-Semitism Among The New Age

I see a very salient trend of New Age people who hate Israel. I thought New Age people thought for themselves. This is a surprising revelation to me that they don’t. There are exceptions, of course. However, there is a clear group think among the New Age and it is an affiliation with the Palestinians.When I show these people the history of Israel and how she came to have her homeland, they all agree.

However, the next minute, they are as Anti-Semitic as if I never showed them the truth. Jordan is the homeland of the “Palestinians”. This small group of people are kept in horrible conditions even though these is land galore for them in the huge expanse of land owned by the multitude of Arab countries. They are kept there to foment hatred of little, tiny Israel who is the size of tiny New Jersey.

God allowed Anti-Semitism so that the Jews could stay a distinct people for 4000 years. Hatred from other groups was one factor that kept the Jews a unique people and a unique people to this very day. Mark Twain said that the existence of God can be seen by the Jews. The Jews thrive, survive and contribute to any society in which they live although many, many people have tired to get rid of them. It won’t happen and it can’t happen because God won’t allow it. However, at this time in history, I see Anti-Semitism akin to Nazi Germany. The New Age is a fomenting ground for it.

I rub elbows with New Age people because of my interest in Astrology. I don’t push Christianity so am welcome in most New Age groups.

I came back to this article after having left it. I am dealing with a woman with virulent hatred to Jews. It is awful to say but I truly hate these people. They are the ones who would have allowed Hitler and will allow the next Hitler, who will be radical Islam. I hate the fake New Age people with the ersatz love for all but hatred for the tiny country of Israel which just wants to survive.

I know that God will take care of these people and they will reap what they sow. I know they have an awful end waiting for them but am I bad that I want this to happen. I truly hate the Anti-Semite. I see what they did in hisotry and what they will do in the future.



I will be back

2 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism Among The New Age

  1. amiannLon Spector

    But why should people “quibble” about who “owns” a patch of earth?
    WHEN I see the Earth photographed from outer space, I don’t see a Jewish Earth, or a
    Gentile Earth, I just see one Earth. And it is impossible to marr or “hurt” one section of
    this Earth without hurting the WHOLE Earth.
    Palestianian or Jew are just accquired idenities. They have no meaning other then what we
    ascribe to them. Through misapprehension each group believes they are the exclusive
    owners of the land.
    The American Indian couldn’t comprehend the white man’s concept of “owning” the land,
    or taking invasive actions against the land like “farming.” To them it was one wholistic’
    “Mother Earth’ that give birth to humans.
    There are two ways a measure of peace can come:
    1) People can come slowly to the realization that they are living a powerful hypnotic dream,
    wake up from it, and stop the “wordy division.”
    2) Or we can wait for the Massaih to come and forcibly change people. The only problem
    with the second alternative is that it’s taking a long time.
    No doubt, Jesus WILL return. But I estimate it will take any other two hundred years at least.
    I expect to be bones in a graveyard when Jesus returns. So I’d like to spend what’s left
    of my life allowing God’s Spirit to live in me and not to worry about who owns what.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t agree with you on this, Friend. It natters a great deal about Israel in this day and age and for all Christians, such as yourself. I am a Christian and a Jew,so have a perspective from the eyes of both. All true Christians should love and support Israel. That is part of your job as a Christian. You are GRAFTED in to to natural olive branch. You are the wild olive branch. You should have respect and honor for the Jews and for Israel. Israel is unique in this world.

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