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Are People Born, Strongly, Predisposed to Mental Illness?

I know this is a huge question. I know it seems terribly arrogant for me to even ask . I wonder about these things, in terms of Astrology, as one can see so much from the charts. The only lack to what one could see would be in the prowess of the Astrologer. I believe this, more,as I do charts. The charts seem like the book “The Bible Code”, in which specifics of one’s life are written, within. The murder of Rabin was told in the pages of the Bible, before it happened. The attempted murder of Bebe was told in the Bible. Then, it said “Plot failed.” How could this be? That leads me to my question on mental illness. Were some people born mentally ill? If this were to be the case, I think the Jupiter would show a great deal. Jupiter shows one’s empathy. Empathy would be one factor in mental illness. Last night, I wrote about the moon conjunct Dejanera. This seems to lead to a fractured self. BPD may result, or a lesser condition. However, the self does seem to fracture when Dejanira touches the Moon. I have only incipient theories, at the moment. However, as I allowed to do charts, by the wonderful people who allow me in to their lives, I may be able to answer these questions with a greater understanding, bearing in mind that one can never know, for certain, as the subject is as vast, as it is heartbreaking.


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