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Are You Introverted or Extroverted?

Astrology can seem daunting, for a long time. It IS, quite simply. It is a complex body of symbols with profound meaning. It, almost, seems as you have to prove your honor of it before it will relinquish it’s secrets. I wanted to give an easy exercise for those of you who are beginners and your charts look like an inedible soup. If you have most of your planets in the lower half of the chart, you will tend to be introverted. Conversely, if most of your planets are in the upper part of the chart, you will tend to be extroverted. We divide the pie in half in an upper half and a lower half, for this exercise.The lower half are born at night.The upper half are born during the day. You can ask people, just for fun, if they were born during the day or night, and see if this correlates.

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