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Aries Venus— Does it Reverse Male and Female Roles?

Paula Abdul’s song “Crazy Cool” reminds me of a male Venus in Aries I knew. Granted it was in the 12th house, but he took demure to a new level. The male Venus in Aries may be as retiring as the most feminine Cancer moon.Is that a stretch? Probably. However, this male Aries needs a take charge woman. Can we say “Big Mama”. You do not have to be big, literally. However, you need to have a big attitude. Conversely, the female Venus in Aries WILL chase. This one does not know the meaning of “let him want you”. This female pursues as a Mars in Scorpio male. That is saying a lot. These two Venus’ may be perfect for each other. I am not sure, on that count. I have counseled several female Aries Venus’. They, usually, get angry when I tell them to slow down. Then, they disappear and I never get the answer to my question. To be continued……………………………………..

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