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Asteroid Aura (1488)—— The Aura You Project ( For Better or Worse)

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My articles are from real life experience– mine or my clients. In this case, it is from my life. I have Aura conjunct Dejanira( the victim asteroid) I have a Life Theme in which people assume I am a victim. Fortunately, I have Pluto conjunct Dejanira.Pluto powers up what it touches. I don’t think there is ANYONE who thought I was a victim and retained that misunderstanding. If people harass me enough, they will, usually, be sorry. I have a slow fuse, but it is not infinite. In time, I will show the perpetrator that I am no victim *Sigh*

I have wanted to write this article for some time. One of my readers wrote and told me that she missed my new articles, so here one is.
As always, I want to hear YOUR story about YOUR Aura asteroid. I await your comments!

16 thoughts on “Asteroid Aura (1488)—— The Aura You Project ( For Better or Worse)

  1. amiannMarissa

    My Aura is in Gemini and located in the 7th house.Also,it has a semi-square aspect to Mercury,biquintile to Pluto and a square to my Midheaven in Virgo.What does this say about me?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I would need to really see your chart to say, M dear. I have gotten so busy with professional charts that I would need to ask people to purchase a chart for questions, other than very simple ones.

  2. amiannB R

    My AURA is at 26.06 Sagittarius, exactly conjunct the Galactic Center, and 3 degrees from my Neptune/South Node exact conjunction at 29 Sag. What could this placement of AURA suggest?

  3. amiannJanay Matthews

    Besides the asteroids, Yeshuhusa, Valentine, and Ceres Trine my Ascendant and Aura, and my Aura conjunct Ascendant, I also have the asteroids Dick and Mentall on my Ascendant. How does that affect me overall because I seem to attract a lot a very negative and obnoxious people in my life?

      1. amiannJanay Matthews

        I looked and saw it was one of the listed bad asteroids on the Linda Goodman website. Mentall could be a mental illness or not in a right state of mind. Dick could mean a person’s name, sexuality, or obnoxious behavior.

      2. amiannJanay Matthews

        Astrologer IQ on the Linda Goodman forum knows alot of information of many asteroids. I’ve only been learning about asteroids since my birthday this year, which was a little over a month ago.

  4. amiannRosana

    I have aura in pisces conjunct eros and saturn in 6th house what aura do I have since saturn is responsible and eros is sexy plus they are in pisces which is a dreamy and ethereal energy.

  5. amiannmorning star

    i have Aura in second house Pisces, quintile Sun, trine Moon, semi sextile Venus and Neptune, and square Jupiter.

    What does this mean tho?

    I know for a fact that people have lots of impressions about me whenever they first met me. Some said that I look quiet and smart, some said that I give off this friendly and motherly aura (which relates to aura trining moon), and some said they found me a bit ‘intimidating’ because they see me as this type of person who seems like one of those popular, fashionable kids (maybe due to Sun and Venus aspect to Aura?). But I can’t figure out how Jupiter square my Aura would relate to people’s impressions about me. Can you give me any insight on Jupiter squaring my Aura? Does that mean I seem like the serious type since Jupiter is jovial and lively and having a square means it’s the exact opposite ?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      This is a rather small aspect and I could not really answer the general
      question on this aspect alone. We have your ASC and so many other things that would be needed to answer this question and Welcome! xoxo

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