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Asteroid Echo—-Sacrificial Love

Is Echo, lifeless without her Narcissus? Does she exist, merely to make Narcissus exist. I have seen the asteroid Narcissus drive someone to his death. His father’s Narcissus was on his Venus. Narcissus is a cruel hunter, in a seemingly innocent exterior. Narcissus looks beautiful, as in the myth. In the modern day, he may be handsome and wealthy. He has a beautiful mask, by definition. However, under the mask is smoke. That is why he needs an Echo, to buttress him up. Echo, for her turn, cannot need anything. She is punished for the simplest needs and wants, until she is content to be Cinderella, not wishing for the ball or the Prince. She may ceased to hope and dream, as she has found that these things cannot be grasped, as she has become smoke, as well.

7 thoughts on “Asteroid Echo—-Sacrificial Love

  1. amiannmiss concerned

    Thank you very much.I studied a lot from your articles!
    How do you feel an Echo on your ascendant?
    What does it mean Echo on the desdendant?
    A person seeks somebody to love with Sacrificial Love?
    Or the person seeks somebody that will love him with Sacrificial Love?
    What does it mean Echo conjuncts Sun?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you for your comments. I am going to think about them and be back. Try to tell me the orbs. I have an article on orbs that will explain them. Ask me if you don’t understand!

  2. amiannmiss concerned

    The conjunction of sun and asteroid echo in the natal chart – 1 orb .What does it mean about the person?
    Thank you! 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Miss Concerned This person may not feel able to put forth his identity. He may feel like he needs to defer to others. He may be like the classic co-dependent. Is that true? x

  3. amiannmiss concerned

    Thank you very much! :)The person that has such conjunction of the echo and the sun is not me,so I can t know what is going on in his heart about the codependant ,but I think that he is really not able to put forth his identity, he is very shy and quiet in society and his behavior is not suitable to his appearance, he looks like a person who has to be a leader.
    What does it mean Echo on the descendant?
    The person is seeking someone who will love him with Sacrificial Love?
    Or it is the same like the person with echo on the ascendant?

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