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Asteroid Echo—Screaming to Detach

The myth of Echo is of Echo languishing because Narcissus can’t see her. If you see fine art paintings of them, Echo is in some state of mourning as she cannot make the object of her desires validate her existence. If one extrapolates to modern times, one sees a person screaming to be seen. The soul of Echo seems to be lost if she cannot accomplish her goal. Narcissus’ validation seems to be a picture of Heaven, a glorious existence in which Echo will be free. However, how is she to get there when Narcissus is trapped with his head in a pool? The answer lies within Echo, as it always does. She must detach from Narcissus in such a way that she is not carrying him around as a grave cloth. Easier said than done, you say. Yes, it is so. The goal for Echo is to be whole on her own if she never finds another Narcissus as she will look.It is in her blood . Needing another person to define one is as much a personality disorder as any, in my humble opinion. Echo is the modern day co-dependent of whom so much is written. The gravity of this condition is minimized as the condition wreaks havoc on the life of the Echo. How does she break the spell if she was programmed this way by the chart, you may ask? It is not easy. She must face the situation,squarely. However, it must be faced with the heart and not the head. Head understanding helps little, if at all.One must feel Echo in the depths of one’s being.One must hear her voice and know her name. She will haunt one as long as one runs. Echo will run to her Narcissus as she is programmed as such. Only when one clearly sees the Echo in oneself, can one make a change. This is as true in all of life as it is in Astrology.

4 thoughts on “Asteroid Echo—Screaming to Detach

  1. amiannDL

    beautifull…. just beautifull !!!

    im sitting here with tears in my eyes after reading this and cant belive how close to me it feels

    cant even write now…maybe later…

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Oh My Goodness DL
      You made my day. That article shouted out from me and nobody paid it a second thought but it came out from my soul and my deepest guts. I am so glad you understood!!! <3 <3

      1. amiannDL

        i belive thats the thing about echo

        those people who are yet to find themselves see this and feel connected to what is written…. that it actually “theirs” and not something they took from others into themselves but they are not ready yet to go and write back to you

        but belive me they are out there and im sure they are filled with gratitude that your article helped them be a bit closer to their real selves

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Aw DL, I think you are right. Something like this may be a shock of cold water in the face. It is so hard to face oneself. It is so so scary but when you do, you find it was a mirage and you are a little more free. <3

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