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Asteroid Ixiion Makes “Lawless” What it Touches

The asteroid Ixiion is complete lawlessness with no care for the outcome. When it touches an asteroid such as Lilith, which is raw sexuality, or Nessus which is abuse/obsession, you can imagine what havoc it may wreak. Xiion can touch any planet or asteroid. I am watching it, in the charts, to see what I may find. Please, share any information you may have. I think there is a wealth of information in this asteroid

4 thoughts on “Asteroid Ixiion Makes “Lawless” What it Touches

  1. amiannLB

    As you say Ami, I also think Ixion can be lawless – the place in our charts where our lower natures tempt and deceive us, or we allow ourselves to be deceived by others. Yet in this temptation, maybe we’re offered the opportunity to grow beyond our previous self-defeating, self-limiting behavior patterns (lust, greed, treachery, vengefulness and/or ingratitude) . . . *if* we make the conscious choice to act with integrity and to exercise our free will in alignment with Divine Will. Zeus did offer Ixion a second chance, after all.

    I think discernment plays a role as well, in helping us to avoid certain worldly traps and false paths. Instead of being grateful and mindfully focusing on what really mattered, Ixion threw his life away lusting after an illusion (the “cloud” Nephele.)

    Maybe planets, asteroids and points in aspect to Ixion help provide clues as to the nature of the temptation/illusion, as well as suggest energies available to help us evolve.

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