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Asteroid Kaali Intensifies What it Touches

The Asteroid Kaali is one’s Kunadlini energy. Kundalini energy is one’s most basic, primal energy. Acupuncture works on this energy system. Surgery can be done with acupuncture needles as the ONLY anesthesia. This fact proves the existence of this energy system. One of my passions is to understand Astrology. As I do charts, I take note what certain asteroids do when they touch various places in the chart. Lately, I have seen Kaali touch new places, for me to see. I have seen Kaali touch Chiron. This aspect seems to imbue a deep body and soul sadness on the person. When Kaali touches Pluto, the person can be a powerful person, as his primal passions become very accessible to him. If Kaali touches Hekate, one will be forced to face one’s shadow side.

6 thoughts on “Asteroid Kaali Intensifies What it Touches

  1. amiannLolabelle

    What would you say about a person’s Kaali (mine, in this instance) opposing someone else’s Sun, and squaring their Pluto. (A gentleman I find intriguing, in this instance.) Thank you.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Hi Lolabelle. How close are the orbs. With asteroids in something other than a conjunction, it would have to be 1-2 degrees or I would not count it. Even one degree may be the most one could count.

  2. amiannglw

    I have Kaali conjunct Chiron, and I have always had a deep body and soul sadness. Could you expand more on that? My Kaali and Chiron (0 degrees) are in Cancer in my 8th house opposite Uranus (2 degrees) and Neptune (3 degrees). Thanks.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      WOW the planet of pain is conjunct your energy body( kaali) the 8th House would make you needing to really look at your deepest and most taboo emotions and passions. Why don’t you come and ut your chart up in my Personal readings section. It is free of charge!

  3. amiannLovelyKitty

    Hi, Aimann
    Just come across to your webpage , it’s all very interesting articles you ‘ve here 🙂
    I thnk I need more study about Kaali too , in my chart I have Kaali (4th) trine Chiron(8th) , maybe is this a clue to escape a pain(chiron in 8th) by knowing / using the Kaali energy?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aww Thank you Lovely Kitty. You can come and post your chart in my Personal Readings Forum and ask any questions. I just got done with a project and am able to spend more time on the Forum. Kaali trine Chiron. Hmmm—even a Chiron trine is hard. Kaali touching Chiron will put Chiron into your energy system and you will feel it. Do you? xx

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