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Asteroid Picks–Dejanira

I have fun making an Asteroid Pick of Eris.The person is usually obnoxious.I ask them out of the blue, if they have Eris prominently. They may get defensive or find it funny. All around, the Eris pick is a good time. This is not the case with Dejanira. This is a somber pick. There is nothing cute or funny about Dejanira. I have not made a Dejanira pick on a guy. I have not felt it in men. That is not to say that it isn’t there. It just does not fit the inner vibe recognition I have for Dejanira.

Most of my calls have been right. It is not very hard to pick up. There is extreme sensitivity. It would feel like light or noise when you had a migraine headache. These people are so very, very sensitive like a high, high strung race horse. They want to be liked very badly. They want to be accepted, very badly. They do not want to make a mistake. It seems like they would do anything to be loved. There is a great sadness in the Dejanira Asteroid. It is the saddest Asteroid, to me. It seems to wreak the most havoc on people.demon girl

10 thoughts on “Asteroid Picks–Dejanira

  1. amiannMel

    Conjunct Venus in Pisces 5th house. YES!
    And Libra rising….Aquarius sun to top it all off. I act like I don’t care, but I really really do!

      1. amiannMel

        I think so, yes.
        Deja is 6 degrees away from Venus.

        I don’t have a whole lot of experience to draw from, but I always seem to feel manipulated, exploited, or used.

          1. amiannMel

            I will keep looking. I think it may have more to do with Moon in leo idolizing poor choices, and then Lucifer lashing out when they turn out poor

          2. amiannamiann Post author

            Nah, that does not sound like Lucifer to me. Lucifer is spiritual pride. To me, it is the New Age people who diss Christians as ignorant etc. I was kicked out of an AStrology group. With all their big New Age acceptance, they did not accept me lol
            That would be Lucifer imo

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