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Asteroid Tantalus 2102

Asteroid Tantalus comes from the word tantalize. As you might imagine, Tantalus is where we want something badly but it is out of our reach and seems to remain so. The word does not suggest resolution so I would say that one would not find resolution to what which one desires . The word connotes that one will be close enough to see and touch the desire of one’saffections but not to CLAIM it. I saw this situation with a man who had Tantalus conjunct Venus. He wanted a soul mate but threw everyone away until all he had left was one night stands.

14 thoughts on “Asteroid Tantalus 2102

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aw I am so glad you could ask me that DL! That makes me feel really good you could trust me. I think that you are careful about your affections/heart because you have been burned. Your experience with the “friend” in school who betrayed you made you cautious. Cautious is not bad but it feels strange. Do you have a Capricorn moon?

      1. amiannDL

        no but i have a seventh house leo moon which is somewhat afflicted (1 sextile 2 trines 2 opps and a square) plus a cap asc

        i usually dont really share my emotions to the world but i do have my moments (like writing to you which has given me great strength)

        but sharing….especially to people who hurt me is almos impossible…

        i asked you if i was cold hearted becuse i had a fight with my mother yesterday over the fact that i am not emotionally expressive or always cheerfull and happy which makes me look ungratefull to the small effort she makes with me

        she just outright said “you can be a very mature and understanding person but your heart is not even ice… its stone”

        and i have no idea of what to do now
        but il be glad to hear everything you say
        DL 🙂

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Aw DL. I don’t want to give a fast answer with a bunch of platitudes so let me meditate on it. I ma so glad talking to me has given you strength. That touches me VERY deeply, DL! <3

  1. amiannDL

    ive seen what you wrote on FB about defense mechanisms and it toched me deeply… like it was written exactly for me

    just wanted you to know that

  2. amiannDL

    i saw the question you wrote on FB and i just had to anwser 🙂

    i of course was raised by a different mother with different problems and she is DEFINETLY not as abusive as your mother

    my mother has some ideal of my personality which doesent allow her to see into my true personality causing blocks in our relationship and in order to cover that she tried to force me to fit her ideal… and she still does…

    but becuse i am a person with different a different point of view on who should i be i end up being criticized by her and end up dodging her attempts to munipulate me and even sometimes use force to fit me to be the person she wants me to be and not myself

    in my opinion it becuse she has neptune conjunct sun and moon in sag and a strong mars to try and force the people around her into ideal

    i resist of course…. but living under this pressure is uneasy…

    so to anwser your question: it hurts more to fail cause when i do fail it goes against my mothers ideal and she criticizes me and munipulates my guilt to feel bad about myself… and as im a sesitive person it hurts me a lot

    thats my situation atleast

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Aw I hear you DL. It would be interesting to see your synastry with her. I am not doing readings in PR anymore but if you put this up, I will look. Add asteroids as a true story can never be told without them.If you do it, put yourself on the outside as I always think of the male on the outside lol xoxox

        1. amiannDL

          damm it….

          internet problems

          guess youl have to wait to tommorow to see my chart

          and jewish people dont work on saturday so i have no one to call


          1. amiannamiann Post author

            OK DL Sorry to hear about your internet. Be well, Sweetie. Think about joining FB so we can talk on my FB page 😀
            You can make a FB page with no personal info. I have a friend who did that. xx

      1. amiannDL

        i did one and im so exited XD

        ive put mine and my mothers synastry on LL but i wanted you to do a personal reading for me on FB if youl have the time

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