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Asteroids Are Like Spices

Asteroids in the chart are like spices . One person may be hot pepper. One person may be basil. Another may be curry. The asteroids make the chart very personal. We, all have the same planets but our Asteroid make-up is entirely different. Each person has a few select Asteroids in prominent places. No one has every Asteroid in a prominent place, although every Asteroid can put put in each person’s chart. The prominence of an Asteroid is based on what it touches in your chart. If it touches nothing, it is not important.

However, asteroids in synastry are fascinating because they up the ante. When someone’s planet touches your, heretofore, untouched asteroid, that asteroid comes alive, for you. Then, YOU have to deal with what that Asteroid. I will provide examples of Asteroids in synastry in future entries.

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