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Astrological Fireworks——Why I Think Chiron( and not Mercury) is the Ruler of Virgo

Last night when I couldn’t sleep( because I took a new supplement that gave me too much energy) I was thinking about which planet would rule Virgo. I think I can make a good case for Chiron. Vesta and Chiron are both thought of as contenders.I don’t think Vesta is the right one, but a case could be made for it. The case could be that Vesta is selfless giving. One can think of the a surrogate mother who gives her womb for the child which will be for another mother. Vesta is a wonderfully, selfless asteroid but I do not see it as the Ruler of Virgo. I will explain why.

Virgo does have Vesta qualities but it does not embody Vesta, in my opinion. This is because Vesta is a pure kind of planetary energy, pure in it’s goodness, pure in it’s purpose. Virgo is associated with pain. Chiron is, as well. Virgo seems to be a painful sign in most of it’s placements. Even Mercury, which is supposed to be it’s Domicile, is still painful.The person is too attentive to details, in an obsessive way. Virgo is unlike Gemini, who finds pure joy in the intellect. Everything for Virgo is a drudgery akin to the ant carrying the heavy crumb up the hill. I hate to be so blunt but mincing words will not make it worth your time to visit my website and I try to make it worth your while by being as honest as I can.

Virgo seems to be a sign which puts a burden on it’s natives. It seems to be a heavy cloak, a hair shirt. The Virgo placements seem to take a pound of flesh, from the native, so to speak. Each Virgo placement takes a pound of flesh, in it’s own way. Venus in Virgo sets such high standards that no one can meet them. Mercury in Virgo becomes so lost in details that trees swallow up the forest and the native is left going from tree to tree for some bearings. Virgo Moon seems to put so much pressure on himself that the result is a great deal of pain. This seems to be the case with the ASC and the Sun, too. When I think of Virgo I think of trying too hard to be perfect, in oneself and in one’s life. This trait dominates every Virgo placement, in my opinion.That is why I associate Virgo with pain,which is Chiron’s domain.


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17 thoughts on “Astrological Fireworks——Why I Think Chiron( and not Mercury) is the Ruler of Virgo

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Actually, a LOT They are the best selfless givers of the Zodiac, second to Vesta, which is not a true planet. They try to do an excellent job at whatever they do. They, often, have high standards and keep their words, which is in very short shrift in this day and age. Their pain is more internal than pain inflicted on others other than setting too high standards for mates, friends, family etc

  1. amianncatman90

    I think its such a shame that dwarf planet got named Chiron and all Vesta gets is a lousy asteroid.I think i’ve thought of two possible solutions one is that we rename Chiron Vesta.Or option two we create a weapon powerful enough to destroy Chiron.

    I still don’t think Chiron should rule Virgo.Also if Vesta shouldn’t rule we need to find something to else rule it.
    I also feel that Vesta is about more than renting your womb out to childless couples.I do think it is part of Vesta and i see your point.I have also read that about Vesta somewhere else but i also think there are other parts to. I’ve read things about devotion, providing a service,helping others and weirdly sacred prostitution.

    Also everyone has a Vesta so do you that surrogacy applies to men.I mean they can’t carry a baby so does that mean there Vesta is unimportant or irrelevant.I also think men and also women who can’t have children and everyone else who isn’t a surrogate mother can be devoted,help others,provide a service and make sacrifices to help others.

    Also you mentioned in another thread about Vesta conjuncting you Uranus and giving yourself to astrology.I think it shows your devoted to astrology,helping others and it also happens to be your job as you are an astrologer.I also think because it is also your job your are providing a service as well.I think that even the surrogate no matter how good her intentions are is still providing a service thats why i think service and the jobs we do are revelant to Vesta as well.

  2. amianncatman90

    I hope i didn’t sound harsh i guess i like to discuss things and am not great with words.Now when i read what i wrote it sounded a little venomous.I was just trying to say what i thought.I just wanted to say i know you have your own opinions and im ok with that and respect that.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      NO, not harsh at all. I could be wrong and could evolve in my opinions, too. I try to say things in a simple way for purposes of learning, too, as so many Astrology websites will never take a stand on anything and this bothers me, but I am open to change, CM dear! xx

      1. amiannferryleaf

        Oh.. *blush* lol

        It comes from an expression, a rather crude one, when someone (usually a guy) is appreciating a certain part of a woman’s anatomy. The expression is “Dat @ss!” xD lol

        So I was just gaping at and drooling over & appreciating “Dat shoe!” picture. ;D


  3. amiannJamie Morris

    Ouch! I have Virgo ASC and Chiron itself makes an aspect to everything but Mercury,Venus, and my Midheaven. It is all very heavy indeed.

      1. amiannJamie Morris

        That I’m not sure of 🙁 I have a chart done but it does not give that particular information, or if it does I’m not sure where to find it.

  4. amiannDarklightworker

    I’m not sure where to find the orb of those particular aspects. I got them off of the chart I put up in the forum, it did not seem to give the orbs of the aspects.

  5. amiannDarklightworker

    Perhaps I just don’t know how to read my chart right 😉 That is always a possibility. The information may be in front of me I just may not be noticing it.

  6. amiannDonnaBahama

    Hello everyone. As I Virgo I take this great article to heart, and I’d like to comment that it seems to be, as the British say, “Bang On!” Thanks for taking the time and effort – beautifully written.

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