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10 Astrological Tidbits for Physical Appearance In the Chart

I picked the brains of my LL friends and added some of my own insights.

1. Venus trine Moon is not beauty, per se, but charm out the whazoo. This man will make you feel special just being near him.

2. Venus touching the ASC shows beauty. It can be Venus conjunct the ASC, square the ASC, oppose or trine the ASC. Each one seems to have a little different effect

A. Venus square the ASC is beauty but the person is not totally comfortable with it. The person may not see it, but others will.

B. Venus trine the ASC is beauty with a great deal of vanity

C. Venus conjunct the ASC has a great deal of charm with his beauty.

3. Lilith conjunct the ASC or MC is beauty with a raw sexual look to it.

4. Eros conjunct the ASC may not have traditional beauty( or may) but will vibe erotic vibes.

5. Neptune conjunct the ASC looks glamorous in a kind of mysterious way. Think Jackie O

6. Uranus conjunct the ASC looks different in some way. He may have exotic looks.

7. Mars conjunct the ASC may have red hair or a sporty look as if he would be graceful on the sporting field.

8.Mercury conjunct the ASC looks like a pixie, as if he is up to mischief.

9.Pluto conjunct the ASC looks powerful like you would not want to pick a fight with him. He may have that famous Pluto stare that locks eyes and does not look away.

10. Saturn conjunct the ASC may have good bone structure such as high cheekbones or a regal, dignified look.



5 thoughts on “10 Astrological Tidbits for Physical Appearance In the Chart

  1. amiannMichelle

    I have Venus in Cancer Square Asc in Aries and people tell me all the time how beautiful they think I am.I don’t see it AT ALL! I wish I could see through their eyes to understand what they are talking about. I feel physically tacky, clumsy & ehh.

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