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Astrology is Very Powerful for Insight into Oneself

I am exchanging charts with someone. She, just, showed me a part of myself that I had thrown away because I thought it was unacceptable. One can never hide parts of oneself without paying a price. Repression exacts emotional and physical tolls. The chart is unlike any modality in what it can reveal about oneself.

2 thoughts on “Astrology is Very Powerful for Insight into Oneself

  1. amiannsteve cochran

    The following passage is transcribed from the intro to “Astrology and the Edgar Cayce Readings” by Margaret H. Gammon, ARE Press (1967): It seems to agree with and expand or flesh out what you’ve written above:

    ” In brief, planetary relationships are described as being part of a great plan for soul development . . . This plan calls for the individual soul-entity to experience creation in all its diversity, so that each may return as a companion with the Creator.
    The record of this experience becomes that part of an individual known as the akasha or soul record. It was these akashic records that the subconcious mind of Edgar Cayce was able to scan and comment upon throughout the [approx. 2500] life readings.
    The record of planetary influences found in the akasha was explainedas being emblematic of how an individual had reacted to various mental and emotional situations in the past. This was shown to be a present and continually evolving relationship: te

    As to whether a soul is developed or retarded during a particular life depends on what the soull holds as its ideal, and what it does in its mental and material relationships about that ideal.
    Life is a purposeful experience, and the place in which a person finds himself is one in which he may use his present abilities, faults, failures, virtues, in fulfilling the purpose for which the soul decided to manifest in the three dimensional plane.
    Know in thyself that there are immutable laws, and the universe about thyself is directed by laws set in motion from the beginning.
    So, as ye condemn, so are ye condemned. As ye forgive, so may ye be forgiven. As ye do unto the least of thy brethren, so ye do it unto thy Maker.These are laws; these are truths; they are unfailing. And because He may often appear slow in meting out results does not alter or change the law. An error, qa fault, a failure, must be met. Though the heavens, the earth, may pass away, His word will not pass away.His word is the way, the truth, the light. Each soul must pay to the last jott and tittle. (As phrased repeatedly in the readings — and here quoted from “There Is A River”)

    Another intriguing aspect of Cayce’s commentaries on planetary influences is found in response to a question on the validity if individuals’ astrological charts. (Horoscopes)

    For in about twenty percent of the populace at the present time, (1933) it is dependent on what the individuals have done with their urges THROUGH material sojourns.
    As indicated through this channel, some are in keeping with the astrological charts, others are found to be partially so, others are diametrically opposed to same [my emphasis] . . . because of the activities of the individual. (5753-3)

    In short, Cayce[‘s readings] at times both agreed or disagreed in part with traditional astrology. However, within the realm of his planetary discourses he presente implications that astrological matters are far more important than our scientifically oriented 20th Century minds have allowed us to consider. ”
    just sayin’,

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