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Astrology Made Easy with Keywords

The science of Astrology is one of blending. The hard part is all the many,many disparate parts in the chart that one has to blend. There are very few masters in Astrology because very few people will take the time to learn the basic things that each planet represents and the basic traits of each sign. If one can add Houses and Angles (Ascendent, Descendent, IC and MC) to the mix, one will have come out of the Beginner level where it seems as if signs and symbols are swimming in an unintelligible sea. I will try to help along the process by giving some key words. These key words hone down the nature of the planet. Only after the nature of each planet is honed down, can one begin to add and blend different parts of Astrology such as Signs and Houses. If you are a beginner, stick with it as Astrology yields her wisdom( and it is great) to those who will persist. There is a kind of heroes journey in Astrology, unlike anything I have ever studied except the Bible. It seems as if you have to earn your way to mastery, as if some Unseen Hand makes you prove you are worth the riches you will receive in terms of life wisdom. At any rate, I will try to hone in on the basic nature of each planet.

The Sun–Your most basic identity, your most basic self( as YOU know yourself and others know you, too),The center of YOUR solar system, I, me, your central self, the self that others would identity as you

The Moon–Your innermost heart: your deepest, feeling self: the self you share when you are very, very safe with someone: your core: your deepest, most vulnerable center: your most warm fuzzy place, your most vulnerable place: your most hidden place : the place you protect when you are not comfortable with someone

Mercury–Your mind, how you think, how you communicate, the workings of your mind, the workings behind your communication, how you speak, how you write,

Venus–What you find beautiful: what you find erotic: what you are attracted to in all things such as art, music, clothing, cars, jewelry, food and homes.

Mars–Your drive, how you go after your goals:how your passion works( or doesn’t) :how you go after a partner( or don’t) :how you go after goals( or don’t)

Saturn—your struggles, your place of self doubt, your place where you will have to work very hard to achieve what you want, the place where life disciplines you, the taskmaster, the severe father, the place where there will not be ease, but struggle.

Jupiter–your place of ease, where you swagger, where you have self confidence, where you emit good vibes: where you feel full of yourself: where you feel happy with yourself: where you feel you shine: where you can feel satisfied: where you can brag: where you can feel high: where you can go for feel goods.

Neptune–where you cannot see clearly, where you may be deceived: where you wear rose colored glasses: where you will see only the good, and not the bad: where you will live in fantasy: where you will live in your imagination and not reality: where you will not follow your better instinct, but will follow your dreams.

Uranus–where you are a rebel, where you don’t care if you are different

Pluto–your primal passions, your inner tiger, your inner passions which have no reason: your wildest passions: your unfettered emotions: your unfettered passions: your id: your primitive brain: going by your body and not your reason: giving into passion without reason: giving into revenge without reason: giving into hatred without reason.

Chiron–the wound that will not heal in the sphere of the house in which it resides.

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