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ANGER—–Mars Style

Ten More Aspects Which Show Struggles and Why

Ten More Aspects Which Show Struggles and Why

I was thinking about this subject because I stuff my anger. However, in the pursuit of truth, I have learned to tell people how I feel rather than be passive aggressive. In the past, when I was in relationships in which I felt stuck, I would be passive aggressive. Don’t blame me. It is that darn “rusty bike” Cancer Mars. To get him to stand up takes a fork lift. Enough about me. Onto your Mars and it’s anger style.

Aries—He may get angry fast. Injustice fuels his anger. He, likely, will not stuff his anger. Good for him.

Taurus–He, likely, has a slow burn. He may smack you after you have eaten ALL his Oreos.

Gemini—He, likely, will decimate you with verbal blows. This may not sound like much, but Gemini is known for his rapier wit. Rapier is a knife.

Cancer–Cancer tends to stuff his anger due to the fact that anger is simply darn scary to her.Someone may get mad.

Leo–Leo may have a tantrum and then get over it.

Virgo–Virgo has a hard time dealing with strong emotions. She, likely, will intellectualize her feelings—-anger included.

Libra–Libra does not like anger—yours or hers. She will, likely, try to paper it over with niceties.

Scorpio–You all know that Scorpio is the “original revenge muffin”. Don’t mess with a strong Scorpio. Mars is one of the strongest Scorpio placements.

Sagittarius–He does not hang onto anger very long. What is the point when there are so many chicks to chase? Fun supersedes
anger with this boychick.

Capricorn—This is a strong Mars. That equals not to mess with him. His revenge could be monetary or career killing.

Aquarius—This is a fair dude. His anger will, likely, be based on something worthwhile. Treat him with respect and he is quite easy to get along with.

Pisces—Pisces does not do anger well. He would rather live in a hippie commune world. Well, those days are over, so Mr Pisces may escape into drugs.

3 thoughts on “ANGER—–Mars Style

  1. amiannBias

    No I actually find Scorpio mars to be easy to stomp, just use the method of calling them out on their shit constantly, paint them as snakes, ruin their social reputation like your life depends on it and just don’t let go of a grudge, keep on hitting, start a lifelong smear campaign until they are having to contemplate syivide. Go after their helpless friends and family members if needed.

      1. amiannAlisa

        Mars in Scorpio here. Pisces Leo rising. I’m too full of myself to care about anyone’s attacks. I just let them undo themselves and watch Saturn spanking them in front of humanity while eating popcorn. Then write an incredible song about Karma’s glory! Ah! Bless the hater, kill the hate.

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