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Aspects in a Man’s Chart That Would Make Me RUN—-Part Two

“Aspects in Man’s Chart That Would Make Me Run–Part One” is one of my oldies but yesterday a client told me she loved it, so here is Part Two. This is, also, inspired by Michael C Hall as Dexter Morgan in a Showtime series. Dexter is fascinating. At first, I did not like it because there was too much violence. However as it continued, it told the story of childhood trauma and it’s effects on the human psyche.

Michael C Hall plays Dexter, a blood splatter analyst for the Miami/Dade Police Department, by day, and a serial killer, by night. I wondered which Mars sign he had. Also, what was the natal chart of Michael C Hall, himself? As far as the Mars sign of Dexter, I would have to say that he has my favorite Mars—Mars in Scorpio. Dexter goes after what he wants. He is very protective with people he loves, especially women and he is sexy—all classic for Mars in Scorpio. Also, Dexter has the Mars in Scorpio stare. I call this “stink eye” in my dog.

Michael C Hall is an Aqua Sun, which screams of detachment, but he has a Venus/Pluto square, so he is, probably, deliciously obsessive when it comes to love. He has a close Sun/Uranus trine, so he is very intelligent with a slice of creative genius. He is charming, as well. He has one of my favorite aspects for men—Venus trine the Moon. This aspect is the best charm aspect in all of Astrology. The man with this aspect truly loves women. Most of his friends are women. Michael is a brilliant actor. Check him out in Dexter. Also, he plays a very different kind of character in “Six Feet Under”, showing just how versatile an actor he really is. Onto the subject.

Aspects in a Man’s Chart That Would Make Me RUN—-Part Two
1. Mars in Pisces
Mars in Pisces would not be a good placement for the women who wants the guy to “act like a man”. I know I will get all sorts of flak for saying that, but you know I am, always, honest. The day I cannot be honest will be the day I close my website. The Mars in Pisces man is not known for being goal oriented. If he has a strong Pluto, this could change things. However, Pisces is the sign of the dreamer, the musician and the drug addict. Some women want a house husband. Who am I to judge? The Mars in Pisces would be an excellent placement for the woman who wants to make the money and have the stellar career. The Mars in Pisces man may make it in the music field or some other creative enterprise,but making money in these fields is not the norm, so be warned. What is the point of Astrology if one cannot glean practical life information?

2. Mars in Virgo

I do not like Mars in Virgo, personally. I have Gemini stellium. Virgo is a squared sign to Gemini, so we tend to clash. However, in general, the Mars in Virgo can be VERY particular. Think Felix Unger. If you don’t know who Felix is, think Monk. I think Virgo is a burdensome sign in most everything. Mercury in Virgo is said to be a good placement. I do not think Virgo is the home/domicle of Mercury. I think it is Gemini and Virgo was placed there because they did not know what to do with Virgo. I think Chiron is the ruling planet for Virgo. Virgo seems like a painful sign. Chiron is the planet of pain. Back to Mars in Virgo, these men are very good helpers. They take true joy in giving to others. If you are sick, they would be excellent nurses. If you need help cleaning up after a party, they would be the first to help. However, they seem to seek perfection and this can be very hard to live with on a daily basis.

3. Neptune Conjunct the Sun

Neptune can be a hard planet. It is the planet of escapism. It is, also, the planet of poetry, art, music, and rose colored love. HENCE, one needs to pay attention to Neptune in close conjunction to personal planets, as well as Neptune in hard aspects(square and opposition). Neptune conjunct the Sun men seem to dislike commitments, such as marriage. Marriage can be so hum drum, so mundane much of the time. Neptune conjunct the Sun does not like dirty diapers and love from which the glamor has worn off.

4. Nessus Conjunct the North Node

The relationship would end the MOMENT I saw this aspect. I don’t care if the person were a boy scout. Boy Scouts can be serial killers, too. Just kidding, but Nessus is Nessus and Nessus is abuse, so I would run. If you have lived through a strong Nessus relationship, you know what I mean. If not, you will learn, most likely.

5. Nessus Conjunct the Moon

The Moon is one’s deepest heart. One’s heart is not, always, apparent, to the casual observer. However, in an intimate relationship, it is heart to heart. Hence, choose carefully and consider the Moon in all relationships.

6. Sado conjunct the Moon

I have a close relative with this placement and YES, it is sadism. Beware.

7. Sado conjunct the North Node

The North Node shows the themes of one’s life. Be aware of this when looking at charts. One aspires to one’s North Node–for better or worse.

8.Mercury Conjunct Uranus

This is the aspect for genius. Genius is wonderful, but the price this native pays for his genius is, often, an electric, racing mind. This is simply a very hard aspect for the native and those with whom he is close. With this aspect, degrees matter a great deal. An exact conjunction is very much more intense than a four degree conjunction, for example.

9. Neptune Square Mercury

Neptune in hard aspect to Mercury( and the conjunction is considered a hard aspect) is classic for a liar. I am not saying all people with this aspect are liars. However, they may, somehow, play loose with the truth or with reality.

10. Bilk Conjunct the Sun

I know someone with this aspect. He does try to take advantage of people when it comes to money. He is the last person to see it. It is kind of strange, but he does not see what is obvious to others.

9 thoughts on “Aspects in a Man’s Chart That Would Make Me RUN—-Part Two

  1. amiannTina

    You always just tell facts lol I know a man who have Neptune in his 3rd house that make a trine with his mercury, he ALWAYS have told these little lies.. you know… or disassociated facts. It’s so weird.
    I always pay attention to sado, I’m so afraid of this asteroid! Maybe for already experienced it!
    I already want the part three!!!!

  2. amiannClare Johnson

    You have already mentioned beside the conjunct being the strongest, that trine, square and opposition also work with Nessus and personal planets in synastry. What about the sextile and inconjunct?

  3. amiannTricia

    I have Uranus/Mercury conjunct 1 deg. orb. My relationships last about 10 minutes. (That is an exaggeration). The longest relationships I had were with ex’s I remained friends with for years after the 2 year max. I have been involved with a few Virgo Mars men. Virgo is my 5th house and trines my Taurus Moon. They are persnickety.

  4. amiannMaria Caldwell


    I am new to this forum and astrology in general. A good friend of mine became interested in the study of astrology a few years ago and I have learned a lot by listening to her the last few years. However, my friend doesn’t know very much about asteroids and they are my main astrological interest at the moment. Lol. I was hoping someone could tell me about the asteroid Medusa and how it plays out in synastry. I just found out that my Medusa is at 21 degrees Aries, exactly conjunct the Sun of a guy I’ve been crushing on for awhile. Also, his Dejanira is a degree away from my moon. Does this mean anything in synastry?! Is it good, bad, or does it not matter at all? Thanks in advance for your help guys!!!!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Welcome, Maria. Medusa is a tease. She lures men by attraction and then punishes them. ALso, the Dejanira/Moon makes me think that you could really hurt this man. I hate to be so blunt but I am always honest. That is my commitment to people who take their valuable time to read my website

  5. amiannVS

    This almost has nothing to do with the article except the chiron could be Virgo’s ruler part lol. I’m quite virgoan with sun/merc/venus/nn and i can see how Chiron could be my dominant energy. I love Chiron and it’s a big theme of my life with it in the 1st house and all that Virgo. However, I can also see Mercury’s influence. I don’t know if it’s because it conjuncts my nn or because i have lots of Virgo that i looove talking, general knowledge and just.. Absorbing lots of random information. I think Mercury is a good ruler for Virgo all in all but Chiron could be the modern ruler, making Mercury the traditional ruler but still not eliminating it.

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