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Aspects Which Reveal Traits—Part Two

People seemed to like my last article on this subject. I had a request for a part two, so here it is.

1.Very sensitive

Pisces Moon is very sensitive.. His feelings tend to be hurt easily. On the positive side, he has a great deal of depth and, also, empathy.

2. Very little nurturing as a child

Unaspected Moon is quite rare. They tend to be very loving, although they did not receive a great deal of love as a child.

3. Tell it like it is( even if it is your rear end that is too large for that bikini)

Mars Conjunct Mercury is the culprit here. I love this aspect. It is classic for Simon Cowel, who does happen to be a Mars conjunct Mercury native.

4. Looks like a Lion

This is the Leo Ascendant. Daryl Hall looks like one, although we do not know his time of birth, so do not know for certain. The Leo Ascendant is, also, a wonderful story teller.

5. Explosive Temper

Mars conjunct Pluto is classic for an explosive temper. I think the new prince has this. Just don’t be late on his feedings, Kate.

6. Cruelty

I know someone with this–a close relative. She is sadistic. The aspect is the asteroid Sado conjunct the Moon. In her case, it is a Libra Moon, which exacerbates the cruelty because it is a cold moon. The Moon is the heart.

7. Rebellious

Uranus conjunct the Ascendant. This guy will wear “guy liner” a la Alice Cooper. This girl will have pink hair.If society shuns it, they love it.

8. Writing ability

Neptune trine Mercury is a classic aspect for a writer.

9. Attention Deficit Disorder

This native cannot sit still. This award goes to the Gemini Moon, who will be lucky if he can watch a movie until the end.

10. Self Centered—It really IS all about me

This award goes to the stellium in the First House. This is a placement which is quite difficult, as you can imagine.

16 thoughts on “Aspects Which Reveal Traits—Part Two

  1. amiannPheephee

    My best friend has moon in gemini. She has never ever been able to watch tv or movies even part way through.
    I am a voracious tv/movie watcher…….She just avoids it all because she just cant get through one.
    Hilarious and annoying.
    10 days apart, We have almost all the exact same planets at the exact degrees except sun n moon….and asc/mc.

  2. amiannLine

    Not related to this topic, but Id like to ask your take on sappho conjunct (tight) Eros in the 8th house in synastry. I apologize for going off topic here. Love your site by the way, very insightful.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thank you, Line. You made my day <3
      This would make for erotic sexuality and this would be very nice but it is a rather small aspect in terms of an entire synastry.

  3. amiannLinda

    Hi Ami,
    Mars conjunct Mercury is not a nice aspect.
    You may be restless, curious, impatient, impulsive and love debate and arguments. When afflicted, these may become heated and combative. Someone I know has got this square Moon and Pluto. She is hasty to judge others and is mentally aggressive. There is an overpower of the mind, blinding her to reason. The sign and house the conjunction is in are very important and show the areas most influenced by the conjunction. Her 6th House/Capricorn is the most influenced. Nobody likes her at work/on a daily basis.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      GREAT comment, Linda. The squares make it the bad aspect, so you can’t really say it would be bad without the squares, Linda, in my opinion, anyway.

      1. amiannLinda

        Maybe you are right, Ami. But I don’t like debats and arguments and all the other traits of Mars conjunct Mercury. I am a peaceful and friendly Taurus 🙂 LOL

          1. amiannLinda

            Scorpio Moon in H3 conjunct Neptune. Both opposite Sun and Mercury in H9 Taurus, Moon square Uranus in H1 Leo. Also important in this story Mars in Cancer H12 and Leo Ascendent. That’s me….

  4. amiannTina

    I know a person with Pluto conjunct mars, he do is explosive and too egotistical.
    I have Neptune trine mercury at 00° degree, I love writing and reading poems!!!
    I envy those with Leo ascendant, they are just ray of sunshine!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      YES, that is how a 12th house stellium could be described. However, if planets are within 10 degrees of the ASC, they do not count as 12th House, so figure that in, my Friend.

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