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The Asteroid of Destruction and Chaos and How It Seems To Function

Twenty  Astrology Tidbits——Easy Way To Understand Twenty Aspects

Twenty Astrology Tidbits——Easy Way To Understand Twenty Aspects

The Asteroid of Destruction and Chaos and How It Seems To Function

I make my findings through doing charts. Astrology is a craft. Every chart opens up new vistas to me. I hope you enjoy this article. My last few charts have has a prominent Apophis(99942)which is the asteroid in question. People ask me how I learn to use asteroids. I take an asteroid and study it’s meaning. In this case, the meaning is chaos and destruction. Then, I use it in every chart. In time, the asteroid teaches me about itself. My style of doing charts is to spend a lot of time with each client. I do this because I love it. I would not do Astrology if I could not get to know the people behind the charts. They are what fascinate me. Together, the client and I take a journey into the world of Astrology and their inner world and we come up with something amazing. I love what I do and my clients seem to be very satisfied. That is what matters to me!As I said, Aphophis has come to light in the last few charts I have done, so we will discuss it now.

One client has Apophis conjunct his Venus. I admire this man so much because he could embrace a great deal of truth and stay standing( and still like me, too) I asked him if his love life seemed to destruct in ways he could not control. This was the case. Venus is all forms of love from love to a mother to love to a spouse. When something touches Venus, it touches the part of us that loves. There are sad things in every chart. There are gifts, as well. Some people only want to hear the good. These people are not the right clients for me. I am very honest and will not compromise on this. For this, I am very hated and very loved. However, I love when people are honest with me, so hope I am providing a gift by being honest.

Another man had Apophis conjunct his Mercury. This is a big OUCH. The person does have a very hard time in thinking. His thinking is not clear. His thinking is diffuse. It is hard for him to go from a logical point A to a logical point B. I am close to this person. I am very different because I am very, very logical. I have a Ninth House Gemini stellium, an opposition void and no squares other than generational squares. I am a very clear thinker, not to brag,because it is not my doing. It is the nature of the chart. Apophis conjunct Mercury is very hard. I bet that if you study the charts of those with learning disabilities and such struggles, you may find a prominent Mercury/Apophis connection.

My last client had Apophis conjunct the MC. He did not share with me as much as most of my clients do. Some clients are very chatty and share their lives with me. Some, like this young man,a Scorpio, keep their cards close to their chests. I got the sense that Apophis played out in his life. However, I do not know the details.

Check your charts to see if this asteroid is prominent and let me know!

25 thoughts on “The Asteroid of Destruction and Chaos and How It Seems To Function

  1. amianncherylchad

    And though unrelated to this post, I was wondering if you get a feel broadly of any obsession/ emotional attraction/lust aspects in the following synastry- they seem emotionally close but I dont sense physical chemistry. These are all the fairly tight aspects (0 to 3 orbs max, mostly 0-2)
    – man’s sun trine woman’s moon
    – woman’s sun sextile man’s moon
    – woman’s mars sextile man’s venus
    – woman’s Eros and psyche conjunct man’s mars and Venus
    – man’s psyche opp woman’s Eros
    – woman’s Nessus nearly conjunct man’s ascendant, and her own ascendant (she rarely feels safe around any man, this man being an exception)
    – man’s Orcus conjunct woman’s ascendant, their ascendants being apart by 3-4 degrees
    – man’s Sun conjunct woman’s Vesta, man’s Sun nearly conjuncting his own ascendant
    – man’s Shiva opposite woman’s Kaali
    – man’s Asmodeus conjunct woman’s Lilith,
    – man’s Kama conjunct woman’s Sappho
    – woman’s progressed moon conjunct man’s progressed Pluto, emotions have spiked now
    – woman’s mercury conjunct man’s Pluto
    – man’s Juno and Pallas conjunct woman’s sun and Juno
    – man’s north node conjunct woman’s Pluto
    – man’s Jupiter and Ceres conjunct woman’s Venus in their 5th house
    – man’s Saturn in Capricorn conjunct woman’s DC, she says she feels grounded & sane with him
    – woman’s Saturn conjuncts man’s moon and Uranus
    – man’s Neptune and Valentine conjunct woman’s Uranus and north node
    – woman’s Neptune conjuncts man’s priapus

    1. amianncherylchad

      Sorry, man’s North node, Juno and Pallas are conjunct woman’s sun, Pluto and Juno.

      Man’s Eros is opposite woman’s moon.

      1. amianncherylchad

        And man’s Pluto sextile woman’s Venus, man’s progressed Pluto exactly conjuncts woman’s progressed moon (feelings have spiked now), her Pallas conjuncts his moon, her Saturn conjuncts his Mercury /Uranus and widely (8degrees) conjuncts his moon, his Pluto widely (12 degrees- don’t know if it counts) opposes her moon, his Lilith conjuncts her south Node.
        Will appreciate a one liner comment just to indicate whether this sort of synastry has enough attraction and potency

      1. amianncherylchad

        Thanks. If it will take you hours or days, then I think there is at least something in the chart to base the relationship on positively or negatively- I mean it won’t be a deadzone 🙂 cherylchad is for anonymity, I have consulted you earlier and will possibly order my natal report with asteroids or a synastry/ compatibility report on this when I can 🙂

        If I had to pick two, I would be keen to know about the man’s North Node, Pallas and Juno conjunct the woman’s Sun Pluto and Juno.
        And the woman’s Ceres being conjunct the man’s Pluto – yes I forgot to mention there is that too.
        And just in case I can push my luck the man’s Pluto in 2.x degrees Virgo widely opposing the woman’s moon in 14.x degrees Pisces. Many thanks

  2. amiannTina

    I also have Aphophis (0° degree in Sagittarius 10th house) conjunct MC (in scorpio) and… I also would not share that much of my life. haha. If this make sense I could definitely name my career path as “chaos and destruction”.

  3. amiannMatthew

    I have Mercury (21 17) and Venus (21 21) and Apophis (21 50) all on 8th house cusp in Pisces. Seems to me that this asteroid has little to no effect on my thoughts. I actually see clearly and very deeply. Much more than my peers. Effect on Venus? Well, relationships and I do not work and play well together. Never have. Probably never will.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Yikes. Do you do rash actions, Anthea, ones which you may regret later? Pluto may help you, though. It seems to give strength to the person when the aspects are bad.

  4. amiannIndigo

    Hello.. can you please tell me the meaning of Apophis in the 8th house conjunct Saturn?
    Saturn 19 degrees.
    Apophis 20 degrees.
    Thank you very much!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Well, this is interesting, I. I would say the person may be kind of repressed sexually and/or with their basic primal instincts. This would be the Saturn in the 8th but the Apophis is destruction, so perhaps, there is chaos that comes from this somehow. What do you think if this is your placement?

  5. amiannLola

    Hello! Could you please tell me what is the meaning of the asteroid apophis in capricorn and in house 9? This asteroid is making an exact conjunction with my sun, and if you can also clarify this, I thank you.

  6. amiannRami

    I know someone who has Aphopis conjunct their Venus and Mercury and he’s a High School teacher for 20 years. I am a bit confused about Aphopis conjunct his Mercury.

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