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20 .More Astrology Tasty Tidbits For The Natal Chart

I write articles that I would like to read. I write articles I wish were available when I was learning astrology. I hate egghead astrology. I hate egghead anything. If you can’t say what you need to say clearly and, hopefully, in an interesting way, either you don’t really understand it or you want to show off. *Sigh*—one of my pet peeves. It came about during graduate school when some of my books were esoteric tomes of pure self aggrandizing rubbish. Brrrrrrrr Onto the subject. I hope you will enjoy it.

1 Lucifer Conjunct the North Node

Lucifer Conjunct the North Node, likely, presents a problem with being a “know it all.” As most of us know, the people who try to show off, really, have low self esteem. The confident people exude a quiet self assurance. Lucifer is the epitome of pride. In the original account, it was spiritual pride. However, as I see it manifested in every day life, it is, usually, a “better than thou” attitude/ a “one ups man ship”.

2.Nemesis Conjunct Venus

In this sad case, lovers may be secret enemies.Nemesis represents a hidden enemy. I hate Nemesis like I hate Chiron.

3. Eris Conjunct the North Node

Eris is simple annoyance. I know the most gorgeous guy in the world, Dan, thinks I am “all wet” with this, but I, respectfully, beg to differ. The Eris energy is like a mosquito.

4. Uranus Trine Mercury
This is a brilliant person.

5. Mercury Retrograde
I think of this because I had my guitar lesson today. My teacher was trying to teach me how to program a drum machine. It sounds like it may be complicated, but it is a little, sleek device, made to be user friendly. I was sweating and apologizing for taking so long to learn. I have certain areas which are very hard for me. One is mechanical things. One is driving, especially gauging when to merge on the highway. Another is learning dance steps or exercise machines. I blame it on my Mercury Retrograde because we really do learn in a different manner. The upside is that we remember what we learn. THANK GOD. Mercury Retrograde has to go step by step in everything she learns. It is the nature of the Retrograde.

6. Pluto Retrograde
This native, likely, stuffs primal passions. In time, the native may learn how to express them directly. I am not sure about this, but they will not be easy for her/him.

7. Venus Conjunct the Sun

I call this the “male model” aspect.The native is very charming. He is very attractive, but it may be hard for him to assert himself. Oh well, at least he looks pretty.

8.Chaos Conjucnt the MC

I say”Yikes” when I see things like this. The native, likely, has a life like Pig Pen in Charlie Brown. He stirs up dirt wherever he goes. In this case, it will be the workplace and the greater society.

9.North Node Conjunct the GC ( Galactic Center)

I have this. This is why I am so “way out”. I will embrace any subject and consider it. I am very logical. Thank Goodness, or I would have fallen off the earth by now.

10. Venus Conjunct the IC

These natives were loved as children.

10. Mars Conjunct the Moon

These natives may not like women. These natives may be very easily irritated, too. I know someone with an exact conjunction. He does seem as if he would kill you if you stepped on his toe. I would not want to be married to him, but other than that, he is a good dude. He has a Pisces Ascendant and Moon, so this makes him more mellow.

11. Mars Conjunct the Ascendant

Donald Trump, one of my heroes, has this. This is the aspect of a go-getter.

12. Aphrodite Conjunct the Ascendant

Melania Trump may have this. If not, she has something similar. These natives are goddesses of beauty. Like her or hate her, she is beautiful!

13. Mercury Square Saturn

This natives find it hard to express their ideas. They may defeat themselves before they start, when it comes to the world of ideas.

14. Dejanira Conjunct the Aura

These natives may appear weak and as if someone could bully them.Whether or not this is the case depends on other chart factors, such as the strength of the Pluto. I have this, but I have a very strong Pluto, so you would be very surprised if you tried to bully me.

15. Chiron in the 12th House

These natives seem to repress pain. They seem to get angry when others show pain. Also, if they read this, they will, likely, deny they are this way. It seems to be the nature of Chiron in the 12th House.

16. Neptune Conjunct the Ascendant

These natives are, likely, very attractive, but may have low self esteem due to a rather amorphous sense of self.

17. Neptune in the 12th House

These natives tend to be depressed.

18. Mercury in Virgo

These natives are very, very good with details.

19. Chiron Conjunct Venus

These natives seem to have pain associated with love.

20.Pluto Conjunct the Ascendant

These natives can give the “stink eye” stare. I think of this when I think of my terrier when she does not want to do something.

4 thoughts on “20 .More Astrology Tasty Tidbits For The Natal Chart

  1. amiannJulia_Y

    “Mercury Retrograde has to go step by step in everything she learns. It is the nature of the Retrograde”

    Sounds like, once acquired, knowledge and skill will be carved in stone for that person. True?

    “18. Mercury in Virgo. These natives are very, very good with details”

    I used to think that Mercuries of the same element tended to get each other, until I noticed mute despair in the eyes of Mercury in Taurus/Capricorn natives facing ones with Mercury in Virgo. Asked, “Why?”. The reply was, “Too much information!”. Do you observe this in your practice?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Is it hard to relate to a very different Mercury? YES. If people have good moon aspects, they can relate on a heart level, though. The Moon trumps all in synastry. Moon/Mercury is very nice in synastry, too, Julia.

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