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How To Begin Studying Asteroids

I got this question.—-How do I begin to study the asteroids? People ask me how I can keep track of all the asteroids I do. The answer is because I KNOW how they work in charts. They have become like friends to me. The reason I know how they work is from doing thousands of charts. There is no shortcut to, simply, doing charts. Studying, on it’s own,without actual chart usage, can make you have an egghead approach of astrology: these people can talk about astrology in a cerebral way, but they cannot make astrology practical.Also, there is good and bad in life. Beware of the people who whitewash everything i.e. make everything “good”. How could that possibly be real? I wish it were. With that being said, let’s begin our journey into asteroids.

Let’s begin with ten simple asteroids. They are simple in that they have an easy meaning. Then, take them and use them in charts, so you can prove to yourself how very accurate are the asteroids.

1. Juno

Juno is the loyal and devoted wife.

2 Vesta

Vesta is selfless service which asks nothing for herself–simply to give and bless others.

3. Nessus

Nessus desires to abuse. It is the ENERGY of abuse. I get more harassment for my usage of Nessus than almost anything else, but look around, is there abuse out there? If so, there will be a representation in the natal chart. Astrology mirrors life.

4 Chaos

This is an easy one. In the places the asteroid appears, there will be chaos.

5. Eros

This is the asteroid of the erotic. If this asteroid is in a prominent place, such as conjunct the Ascendant, Sun or MC, the native will appear to be very erotic.

6. Lust

Some people have more lust than others. The placement of the asteroid Lust will show if it is a dominant trait that is seen by others and manifested directly in life or more hidden. The dominant places for the asteroid Lust would be the Ascendant, MC, Sun and North Node. The places in which it would be more hidden would be the IC, Moon and Venus. You can apply this rule to all the asteroids, so I will not repeat it in other entries.

7. Dejanira

This is the victim asteroid. One would not want this in a dominant place due to one tending to be victimized. However, if Dejanira is in any place, actually, except conjunct Pluto, there seems to be victimization, through no fault of her own.

8. Medea

Medea exacts terrible revenge.

9. Medusa

Medusa acts like a tease and then punishes when the opposite sex responds.

10. Fatme

I know this sounds strange but I have seen this in the charts of people who are obsessed with their weight.

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