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The Best Mars Signs

What Makes a Man Impossible To Resist?

What Makes a Man Impossible To Resist?

This article will accompany my last article–The Worst Mars Signs. Of course, I got some flak from my last article, but lots of excellent comments, too. Keep them coming. That is how we learn. If you think I am Mr. Guru, think again. I am a humble seven year student of Astrology. I do love to teach and that is why I do what I do.

1.Scorpio Mars

You know this would be number one. Scorpio Mars gets the job done and looks sexy as heck while he does it. He is just cool. We, all, aspire to be cool. He does so effortlessly. Lucky him.His Mars is simply excellent because it is in it’s home. Also, there is something very superlative about a Scorpio who knows who he is. I have seen troll like guys be sexy if they have a Mars in Scorpio. Go figure.

2. Mars in Capricorn

This bad boy is in the Exaltation. His domain is that of ambition. He can work his way up from the mail room to the CEO spot. Slow and steady gets the job done. This Mars is excellent at delayed gratification and the “early bird gets the worm”, so to speak.

3. Mars in Taurus

This earth Mars can stick to a goal and be a steadfast companion. He may take some time to make a decision, but he will stick with it. I would call this Mars an old dependable shoe Mars, not so shabby in this day of plastic bananas and good time rock and roll, so to speak.(What is it with me and these platitudes. I sound like my father)

4. Mars in Leo

This is a good Mars for a guy who is prettier than you are. Seriously speaking, this is true, but Leo Mars can do a lovely job when the job description demands style and making a big splash. Leo Mars can see a job through to the end, too. He just has to look good doing it ( and you do too)

5. Mars in Aries

This bad boy loves a cause. It could be Save the Whales or Save the Trees. He will put his all into it. He will stand up for you, too, which is needed in this day of the girly man. I know I have gotten myself into trouble here, but it is the truth. Men have ceased to be men, in many cases. However, that is a fight for another time. Aries Mars is a consummate man. He can go after any goal he desries–not too shabby.

PS Daryl Hall, my heart throb has Mars in Scorpio, of course.

6 thoughts on “The Best Mars Signs

  1. amiannSuper Pisces

    Mars in Taurus being in detriment, doesn’t mean there are no good things about it, and nothing others would appreciate.

  2. amiannSuper Pisces

    I was responding to Bias suggesting it shouldn’t be on the list of best Mars signs because it’s in detriment.

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