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WHY DO Certain Mars Signs Make Guys Sexier?

This article has evolved from my watching “Dexter”. After that, I started studying the topic of sociopaths. Sociopaths get the girl. Why? Because they are confident. They do not personalize rejection as the rest of us do. The key ingredient to getting the girl is confidence. At this point, women ask me if it works the same with them. I am not sure. I really don’t think so. It is hard for me to see why women are sexy because I am not attracted to women. So, I will write about what I know which is the sexiness and charisma in men. Let’s get onto the subject.

Mars is DRIVE. Mars show how one goes after that which one wants. Think of any situation in which one sees a goal and one reaches for it. It can be for one’s favorite dessert on the buffet table. It can be for the next higher level of job in the company. It can be for a date with the cutie who sits one desk over. All of these situations relate to Mars. Venus, on the other hand, is that which we find beautiful—our tastes. Hence, Venus does not show how one goes after one’s desires, but shows the nature of that which we desire. I hope that is clear.

I will try to categorize the Mars signs. The first group would be “go getters”, but they do seem to have different goals to which they ascribe value. This “go getter group” would be Mars in Scorpio, Aries Capricorn and Leo.. Mars in Scorpio is the consummate repository of charisma. He gets the girl. Mars in Aries is very cause oriented. He will be the first to save the whales or the trees. Mars in Capricorn will work his way from the mail room to the board room. Mars in Leo has so much darn confidence that he will go after whatever shines——-a girl, a job or a car.

Next we have the mediocre Mars signs. These do not have superlative drive, but they do not have the least level of drive either. I would put Mars in Gemini, Sagittarius, Taurus and Aquarius in this group. I will try to describe the thrust of each. Mars in Gemini’s biggest problem is boredom. He may like Girl A one day and Girl B the other day. Hence, I am a little afraid of the long term commitment ability of a Mars in Gemini. Mars in Sagittarius is similar to Mars in Gemini. He may be too changeable for long term commitments. However, he does love adventure, so would be an excellent travel partner. Mars in Taurus can make a commitment and stick to it. In fact, he is excellent on this score. However, he may take a great deal of time in making up his mind( i.e cow chewing cud). Mars in Aquarius is an excellent Mars, in my opinion. In fact, I am attracted to this Mars, it seems. Mars in Aquarius does not like too much closeness. This goes well with my Gemini placements. However, Mars in Aquarius seems to be able to form and maintain long term goals, such as marriage,higher education, and working his way up the career ladder. He is very open minded, but not, usually, so open minded that his brains fall out. That would be for another Mars Sign( Shhhhhh—Pisces)

The last category are the Mars signs which need a fire under their derriere in order to make any move or thereabouts. These would include Virgo, Pisces, Libra and Cancer. Each of these Mars signs has different issues. Mars in Cancer seems afraid of intimacy. He is strong in going after life goals, such as education and jobs. However, showing his sensitive underbelly is not his strong suit, so he shrinks from intimacy. Mars in Virgo is so darn picky that it may not be worth it to deal with him.(I am just being honest). Mars in Libra can be strong in life, but it is very hard for him to make a decision. Mars in Pisces may be very prone to escape. I think Mars in Pisces is one of the hardest Mars signs, even more so than Cancer. At least Cancer is a Cardinal sign, which means leader. Libra is a Cardinal sign, too, but his strength is in making relationships, not decisions.

I think I will get lots of feedback on this article——–positive and negative. Bring it on. My Mars in Cancer will do it’s best to handle it!

28 thoughts on “WHY DO Certain Mars Signs Make Guys Sexier?

  1. amiannEmn

    Hi Ami. My name is Emma, I’m 18. I Feel like there are many guys that are attracted to me- I do get a lot of stares. (I even get stares from girls many times, and I have expirienced a lot of jealousy and meanness from other women. ) But the thing is, I don’t get approached really. My relationship with men is weird. I don’t have guy friends. I always feel like there is some sort of tension when I speak with them, it just doesn’t come natural. I sometimes feel like I am doomed in that area.
    My question is- can u maybe do an article about astrological aspects that may cause to that?
    Thanks a lot, Emma 😍

      1. amiannEmn

        Thanks so much for answering! 🙂
        I have another question if you don’t mind- I have dark Lilith in the 1st and black Lilith in the 10th (between my sun and mc but not really conjunct any of them). Can it be interpreted as Lilith conjunct sun/mc/ascendant or not really? Also I never understood the difference between dark and black moon Lilith- does dark lilith also mean dark/raw sexuality like black moon Lilith?
        Thanks again 😀

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          Great question, Em. I appreciate your taking your valuable time to read and to comment, so, of course, I would answer! I am not really clear on all the Liliths. I use the asteroid Lilith and consider her raw sexuality, but I think they are could be considered raw sexuality. I am not sure about the black Moon Lilith or the others. I am really sorry, E.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          I am getting my desk made better so my wrist can type better. I may do it when that gets done, Love. IF I forget in a few weeks, please feel free to remind me. xoxo

  2. amiannBonnie

    My boyfriend has sun + mars in scorpio conjunct my As. My venus is in Aries.. so it can go hot..

    What about mars opposite venus?

    Thank you 🌹

  3. amiannJulia_Y

    “Mars show how one goes after that which one wants…. Venus, on the other hand, is that which we find beautiful—our tastes”.

    Thank you for this kind of reminders, which I adore 🙂 Impatiently waiting for the rest of the article.

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        Hi Ami! Pleasure to read you again, too 🙂 How is YOUR life?

        I’m doing fine, thanks. Since Tuesday have been cleaning my house, as every spring. Mars in Capricorn works slowly but steadily.

        “So, I will write about what I know which is the sexiness and charisma in men”
        Your article made me check out some websites with adult content. Although porn is rather a performance than a reality, the styles of “lovemaking” according to Mars signs were obvious.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          When I wrote that, I did not mean I was an expert in anything, J. I just know who I am attracted to and who I think has charisma. I am not “Miss Experience” or anything :/

          1. amiannJulia Y

            Oh no, forgive me for having insulted you. I didn’t mean THAT at all. Your article makes clear that you observe daily behaviours, not the ones between the sheets. It’s me, I was curious to look further.

            Forgive me.

        2. amiannamiann Post author

          I am doing well, J. Thanks for asking. Reading a lot–novels. Trying to get good enough to play my guitar in public and finally learn to be fluent in Spanish

  4. amiannm m

    what about when the man’s mars is 29’55 Aquarius…ALMOST 0′ Pisces…They already have aquarius Sun..but totally SEEM like Pisces on the whole… So.. does that mean if they act like pisces..its probably correct to presume a Pisces mars?

  5. amiannJulia_Y

    “Tell me about your creative interest!”

    Ami, I draw with graphite and pastel pencils. People in black and grey, and animals in colour. I currently study the technics of Andrew Loomis (for people) and Colin Bradley (for animals). The first one published entertaining books on the subject, with senseful rules easy to put into application. And the second one has a cute website and a welcoming youtube channel, Colin Bradley Art.

    And when I don’t hold a pencil, I’m at my keyboard writing an adventure novel. Step by step, for years. A Cappy Mars does not rush, lol.

  6. amiannMichael

    You said a srong pluto could help a Mars in Pisces.

    Would the Sun sextile Mars help?
    Or, Sun trine pluto. Mercury trine Pluto?
    Or, Pluto in rhe 8th.

  7. amiannKaren

    Hi, i have recently married, i have known my husband a long time, but lost touch and met again 4 years ago, and married 2 weeks ago, my birth date is 3 Oct 1969, and his is 24 Jan 1968, there is alot i want to know about our synastry, it has always felt very fated, and meeting again later in life was definitely out of the blue, my life has changed so much over the past 4 years, that it sometimes feels like i am in a parallel universe!! His mars is in pisces, opposite my venus in virgo, please could you give me some insight xx

  8. amiannDanny Watts

    This was an amazing read! Most of my best friends are Mars in Aries, Cap, Leo, or Scorp. They are always the ones I can count on to get stuff done with me and follow through with plans. Sag Mars my mom has and she is a chaotic mess with her drive and direction. I was cheated on by a Sag Mars, that surprise couldn’t stay faithful for long. My dad is a Cancer Mars and it’s brutal watching him always need to be babied by my mom all the time. I am a Mars in Leo, you nailed that on the HEAD! I don’t care what you say I will get it, I’ll get that girl, that car, that job, that gig, etc. And I’ve told women, I am used to getting what I want hahah. I am awful…

    My Mars in Leo had a field day with that picture you chose too. Omg I love your taste in foot and heel pics haha. Mars in Gemini I don’t bother with anymore, like you said they get bored too fast. Mars in Virgo I am open minded to but they are really insecure for me and take forever to make a calculated move I have learned.. Also Mars in Pisces are super manipulative I have seen over and over again. i keep attracting tons of Mars in Cancer, Cap, Leo, and Libra. Wonder why?

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      You are so cute, Danny! You make my day 🙂 You will find out why you attract certain signs when we do your chart. We usually are drawn to what we need. The shy person is drawn to the extrovert etc

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