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WHAT Does Chiron Do To Other Planets(and Angles) in the Natal Chart

Interesting Aspects For Famous People

Interesting Aspects For Famous People

People ask me this all the time. I can’t respond to every question because I am honored to lead Facebook groups, which have thousands of people.When I get the same question, I try to write an article. In this article, we are looking at the natal chart(birth chart). We are going to study the role of Chiron in the life of the native. I use an orb of up to five degrees, the closer the more profound the effect.People will ask me about the different aspects. Each one has a different twist. For example, a Chiron square would be different than an opposition, trine or conjunction. However, for the conjunction, square and opposition, one could apply my meanings. For the trine, one could apply the meanings, but the native may be able to work through the pain better, get to the other side easier and use this pain to help others.


There seems to be love accompanied by pain. You know the person who seems as if all relationships seem to end painfully. This aspect may be the culprit.


The relationship with the mother may have been very hard. Also, the native’s own emotions may seem painful, almost as if she is phobic of her own emotions. Relationships with any women may be hard, due to the legacy of pain from the mother, or some other woman in childhood.


In this case, the father may be the primary source of pain. Ones own male side may be scary to one. This would apply to both sexes. Also, the native may have a hard time trusting and bonding with men.


This native seems to be a target for bullies.Bullies sense weakness. This native may show his/her pain to the world in a manner which she/he cannot help. That van be bully food. *Sigh*

5 Chiron/MC

This native will have pain that is seen by others. That which conjuncts the MC is impossible to hide. Someone I know with this is terribly obese. People can see his pain. This native may have pain in his career, also.


Men with this seem to be uncomfortable with drives, such as passion, rage and chasing women.There seems to be pain upon being male. For women, I think it would be the same, but it may not be as obvious ie. they feel pain with being assertive/going after what they want.


This is classic for very real pain as a child. This is very sad. The childhood was akin to a painful prison.


This native may find relationships to be painful. Romance may be paired with pain, time and time again, through no fault of his/her own.


This aspect may denote pain with learning or communicating, such as a learning disorder, stuttering, shyness etc

10. Chiron/Jupiter

This aspect seems to magnify pain.Jupiter in conjunction with any “bad/hard” planet, such as Chiron, seems to make it worse.

10 thoughts on “WHAT Does Chiron Do To Other Planets(and Angles) in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannTina

    I have sun conjunct chiron (8th house)
    Mars sextile Chiron
    Neptune square Chiron
    My Chiron also conjunct north node and asteroid jung (8th house).
    Chiron square moon

    From my life experience in the moment that you understand the pain it doesn’t hurts you anymore. Just don’t repress it.

    Thanks for this post! I love your blog.

  2. amiannNena

    I have this exact opposition, I also have saturn conjunct sun.. My father has always been a source of pain to me, whether I feel pain for him or because of him..
    Love your articles <3

  3. amiannPheephee

    My chiron is exact conjunct IC opposing MC obviously and then almost exact trining and sextiling my ascendant and DC. To say it affects every single area of my life is putting it mildly.

    Hate chiron with a passion. no matter who says its a wonderful healing/ mentoring/ wonderful thing. Its destroyed my life.

    Also, on another note, it also opposes my mercury closely….to say I’m extremely painfully shy is an understatement. And since its on the mc/ic axis its easily what people see and comment/ask me about. almost always one of the first things they say about me or to me. I think its what Im most known for.

  4. amiannJoão Saraiva

    I have chiron conjunct mars and the descedant in virgo- opposed to saturn/ascendant on pisces….
    can you explain?
    if you want my info is
    6 July 1995
    01:30 AM
    Leiria , Portugal
    i dont mind sharing this info publicly.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Chiron conj Mars can be a man who is not comfortable with the male. aggressive anergy. The DSC conj adds to this a lot. Opposed to Saturn would multiply these feelings, as would the Pisces ASC. WOW–you got a huge dose of this. Can you relate, my Friend? xx

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