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Dangerous Women—–Five Natal Aspects

Shadow Side of the Sun Signs

Shadow Side of the Sun Signs

I saw this as a Search Word aspect. What a great topic and another way to get me in trouble. Trouble is my middle name. Could that be because I tell you the truth?

1.Medusa Asteroid

This bad girl has come into my life as a result of second hand experience. A man I know is hooked on a woman who loves them, leaves them and punishes them. Medusa is the consummate tease. She is like type to wear a very low cut dress with a LOT of cleavage and then get enraged when men look. This really bothers me. Women can be so insincere, sometimes, and such consummate game players. Men don’t seem as if they take it up the notches the women do. However, if you want to be played this way to Sunday, choose a girl with Medusa conjunct the Sun, Ascendant, or MC. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

2. Cupido Asteroid

Cupido has the LOOK of love. However, it is, likely, just the look. She can fool you and you can be hurt.

3. Casanova Asteroid

Both men and women can be a Casanova.

4. Saturn conjunct, square or oppose Pluto

These girls seem to have a mean streak. The same applies to men.

5. Sado conjunct the Moon

I know a women with this and YES she is awful, awful, awful. Sado show sadism.

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