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What is the Difference Between an Opposition and a Square in the Natal Chart

I was asked this question by a lovely lady, Eva, in my Pluto group. I am not sure if she meant in the natal or synastry. I will assume it is the natal. This is an excellent question. With no further adieu, onto the subject.

When we are talking about Astrology, we are really talking about ENERGY. If one can think on the level of energy, Astrology will become clearer. I studied acupuncture, which is the energy of the body. I study quatumn physics( the simplified versions). I have had Out of Body experiences. In these incidents, one’s body is experienced as energy. After one awakes, one feels a tremendous sense of well being and a very much increased physical and mental energy

I say this to say that Astrology will make much more sense if you study some of the above subjects. YOU are an energy body. The planets are energetic forces.The ASPECTS show easy and harmonious flow of energy or a thwarting, struggling of thwarted flow of energy.

Each planet is a different SPHERE of energy. Venus is love energy. Mars is drive and passion energy. The Sun is ego energy. The Moon is heart/emotional energy. Mercury is mind/intellectual energy. Saturn is restrictive, disciplined and critical energy. Jupiter is bountiful energy. Neptune is both creative and fogging/deceiving energy. Pluto is primal passion energy. Chiron is painful energy.

I hope you are following my train of thought as we come to aspects. The trine is a harmonious flow of energy, such as how it feels when one has a belly laugh. The opposition is back and forth energy. It goes from one pole to the other. Think of moods. Some people are super happy one day and super sad the next. They don’t seem to have a middle point. That is the nature of the opposition. It is a back and forth motion, in the manner of a see-saw. There is, really, no comfortable middle. Hence, if one has a Venus/Saturn opposition. One may want love very badly but one may be too self critical. It may hurt badly to think one has to be perfect to be loved. Hence, one reaches out for love and then pulls back.Over and over, one reaches out for love and then pulls back. This is the nature of the opposition. You can apply it to every planet.

I will give another example. If one has a Sun/Pluto opposition. One may struggle to incorporate primal passions into one’s ego. However, it is very hard to do. One may feel overwhelmed by primal passions, when one is angry, for example. One may throw a lamp at someone,for example. Then, one may recoil and try to keep primal passions in check. Then, the primal passions build up because no energy can be pushed away and stay pushed away. Then, if someone says something hurtful, one may react too violently. Hence, there is an up and down movement, over and over and no middle.

With the square, we have a much more difficult situation. The energy is blocked or thwarted.Some people disagree on this, but I do not believe one can change a square. I think it is “stuck” energy, but one can work around it by building up positive aspects in the chart. If you have a big nose and pretty eyes, like Barbra Streisdand, focus on your eyes and magnify them and you will be beautiful( even if your politics are atrocious). Angelica Huston is another example of someone with lovely eyes and a big nose. One does not notice the nose because the eyes are so very beautiful.

I know people would like some examples of the square, so I will provide some. Sun square Pluto is classic for someone who lets anger fester and fester and then explodes in some manner Moon square Chiron is classic for someone whose pain hurts so badly that it gets buried. There may be a strong dislike of women and one’s own feminine side. Moon square Pluto is someone who has very deep primal passions but does not know how to let them go in a healthy way. They, likely, fester until they either blow or come out in some other nonproductive way. I hate being politically correct. OK, they fester until you become Jack Nicholsen in “The Shining”.

I hope you have liked the article and gained some insight.That is what it is about for me, with a little craziness thrown in, of course.

11 thoughts on “What is the Difference Between an Opposition and a Square in the Natal Chart

  1. amiannWanda

    Barbra’s politics are excellent, extremely informed and active. I’m trying to imagine what kind of person would say they’re “atrocious.” Maybe Fox News needs an astrologer? Unfollowing.

  2. amiannTina

    I started understanding modalities through energies now… aspects through energies? …. oh this is brilliant!! Way more easy to understand! Thanks

  3. amiannKristina

    Ami this is really excellent way of explaining the aspects and how the energy works. I love it. I have a question about my opposition and squares, actually it’s a T-square. I have Moon-Mars opposition and they both square Saturn which is right on the North Node and in the 10th house near MC. What would you say – how can I unblock this, or at least make it easier? Thanx

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      THis would take me a long time to really answer. I would need to do a one question chart for you. I will explain one leg, if you want to choose one, Kristina.

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