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Dominant VS Passive Placements

This is my own category from both doing charts and studying acupuncture. Chinese medicine divides the world into yin and yang. Yin is passive energy and yang is active energy. I started applying this to charts. Some placements are yin–acted upon. Some are yang—DOING the action.

I will give examples and hope to make this clear. I referenced active and passive placements in my last articles. My readers are so brilliant that I was asked to explain this more. Hence, this article.

Let’s start with the male. He goes after the female. The sperm impregnates the egg. The man is the dominant force.(Please, don’t go all politically correct on me. This is not about that subject) In nature, there are those that DO actions and those that receive actions. Hence, that is the essence of the yin and the yang.

I applied it to the astrology chart. I would see how one asteroid, for example, manifested differently when conjunct different planets. A classic example is Venus Conjunct Chiron. Venus is a yin planet. Hence, Venus finds pain when she is in love.

Take Mars. Mars is a yang planet. He GIVES pain when Chiron is conjunct Mars. I learned this by doing charts and seeing how things played out.The charts should, always, be the teachers. One needs to do thousands of charts to see patterns. That is my opinion and experience.

Let me tell you which planets I call yang——the Sun, Pluto, and Mars.

I call these planets yin—-the Moon and Venus.

I call Mercury neutral.

I am not sure about Saturn, but it is, likely, yang

I am not sure about Neptune, although, it is likely yin.

I am not sure about Uranus, although it is likely yang.

I have not put the asteroids into this classification.

With the angles, the Ascendant and MC are yang. The IC and Descendant are yin.

Let me provide some examples of how this would work. If we find a strong asteroid, such as Nessus, likely yang, although I have not classified asteroids, we can see how it would manifest with various planets and angles.

Nessus conjunct Venus is likely a person who attracts abuse. Nessus conjunct Mars is, likely, a person who GIVES abuse. Nessus conjunct the Sun is likely a person who gives abuse. Nessus conjunct the IC is,likely, a person who suffered abuse. Nessus conjunct the MC is, likely, a person who gives abuse.

I hope this makes the theory a little clearer. Ask questions on my website, if you are confused

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