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Easy, Easy Things You Can Tell From the Natal Chart

If you are an absolute beginner and you look at the natal chart, you will, most likely, give up. It is some version of Greek. I am going to tell you some things that will allow you to feel some mastery.

1. Look at the small chart on the side of the natal chart. It will be a list of cardinal, Fixed and Mutable planets. If you have mostly Cardinal planets, you are a leader. If you have mostly Fixed, you are stubborn and will stick to your decisions. If you have mostly Mutable, you will be flexible and adaptable to change your mind. You will listen to other POV and can moderate your opinions, accordingly.

2. Check out your Vertex point. Memorize it. When you look at other people’s charts, see if any of their planets touch your Vertex point. If so, they will being the “nature” of that planet to you. For example, if someone’s Neptune touches your vertex, they will bring you God. If the moon, they will bring you heart. If the Sun, they will bring you confidence. If Mars, they will bring you drive and passion. If you want me to elaborate on more, write on my Comment Form and I will address your personal issue.

You can use Asteroids, in this same way. If someone’s Eros touches your vertex, they will bring you their erotic nature. If someone’s Lilith touches your Vertex, they will bring you raw sexuality.If someone’s Nessus touches it, they will bring you abuse.

3. Check out the Mars sign. A strong Mars will have drive. A strong Mars will go after what he wants( even if it is you) A weak Mars may be a stick in the Mud and have a hard time chasing after what he wants.Strong Mars are Aries and Scorpio. Weak Mars are Pisces and Cancer. I have an article on Mars signs.

4.Check out the Venus. This is what a person finds beautiful. It is an aesthetic sense. It extends to art, music, clothing and home decor. Study the Venus sign of your lover( or potential lover). This will go a long way in seeing if you are his type.

5.Check out the Sun Sign and the House of the Sun. The Sun Sign is the essence of the person: his primary identity. To put it simply, if you could know one thing( and the major thing about someone’s nature) look at his Sun. It is his essence.The domain of the House will be the part of life which is of paramount interest to that person.

6. Check out the Moon sign and the House of the Moon. The Moon sign is the nature of the person’s deepest heart. The House of the Moon is what domain of life the person holds most dear.

7. Check out the North Node. This will be the person’s purpose in life, by sign and house. The sign will show the traits the person needs to master. The House will show the domain the person needs to master.

8. Check out the South Node. This will be what comes easily to the person, by sign qualities and house qualities.

9. Is the person an introvert or extrovert? Planets in the upper half of the chart is a daytime birth and am extrovert. Planets in the lower half is a night time birth and an introvert.

10. Is the person super self centered? Most planets in the first three houses would be a yes.

11. Look at Saturn’s House and Sign. The person will feel he has a hard time with the sign of Saturn. The same goes for the house.

12. Look at Jupiter’s House and Sign. The person will feel confident with the traits of Jupiter’s sign and the house in which Jupiter resides.

13. Look at Chiron’s house. This will be the area of life with the greatest wounding.

14. Check out any stelliums( three or more planets in a house). This domain of life will be very important to you.

15. Look at your Ascendant. This will show your appearance. Cancer Ascendent looks as if he has eyes with the depths of the ocean in them. Libra Asc looks as if the gods sprinkled good looks on him. Virgo Asc looks pure and clean. Gemini Asc looks as if he is up to mischief. He looks imp like. Taurus Asc may look like a bull. Saggi Asc may look like a horse. Think of Beyonce. Leo Asc may look like a lion. Think Farrah Fawcett or Robert Redford.

16. Look at your Descendant Sign( This is always exactly the opposite of the Ascendant) You will be attracted to the TRAITS of the DSC, not the sign, itself, usually.

17. Note the Sign on your ASC. Which planet rules this sign? This will be your chart ruler. In which house does it reside? This will be a Theme House for you. In other words, this domain of life will be very important for and to you. For example, if Aries is your ASC, you will see in which house Mars resides. If Scorpio is your ASC, you will see in which house Pluto resides.


13 thoughts on “Easy, Easy Things You Can Tell From the Natal Chart

  1. amiannZohan James


    This is pretty cool. I can not believe no one has posted on your site about this article until now. Please to meet you. I am Zohan James

  2. amiannEl Phoenix Farris

    OMgosh this is fascinating. I gotta figure my husband’s chart out. Is this hard for those of us who cannot visualize stuff on maps? That’s my greatest intellectual weakness. Puzzles and maps are almost incomprehensible to me.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I am bad with spatial relations, too. You don’t need that as much as the basic language. First of all, study the essence of each sign. What does Aries FEEL like? What does Scorpio FEEL like etc. Then, study the essence of each planet. What is the Moon? One’s heart. What is Venus? What one finds beautiful. It is a symbolic language more than a spatial relations thing

  3. amiannK

    I never knew this info about the vertex.. Someone who had a bizarre and extreme impact on my life has pluto ON and chiron opposing my vertex..

  4. amiannJane

    This is interesting. My Vertex trine someone’s Sun 3 deg, opposition Moon 4 deg, sesqui Venus 1 deg, Square Jupiter 4 deg, trine Neptune 3 deg Square Chiron 0 deg a his Vertex Quintile my Neptune 0 deg, opposition Jupiter 4 deg. Same man has his Asc conjunct my Dejanira 0 deg.

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