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An Easy Guide to Venus in Synastry

Someone asked me how the Moon, Venus and Uranus acted in synastry. I assume that other people have the same question, so I will try to tackle it here. I think I am going to use the conjunction and the easy/positive aspects for this article. These are the trine and sextile. I could do another article using the hard aspects–the square and opposition. I like to make my articles kind of bite size. That way people can snack on them. The best learning is when it is easy and fun. If you like to learn this way, thank my Ninth House Gemini stellium of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the South Node. Onto the article.

1 Venus/Moon

Venus/Moon is a warm, gentle and loving interaction. I don’t mean to give an absurd example, but it would be how one loves one’s dog. My dog is so adorable that I could pat her for hours. I rub behind her ears and she makes cooing noises. I pat her stomach and she looks like she smiles. I could eat her up: she is so beautiful to me. This would describe Venus/Moon, as I see it. Venus/Moon is not sexual, per se. It is more of pure love.

2. Venus/Uranus

This would be more sexual in that it is kind of love at first sight.You see the person and there is a ZING. A lightning bolt hit each person. If the level of soul is not in the chart, this relationship will not last on Venus/Uranus alone.


This is said to be a marriage aspect. It is similar to Venus/Moon, but not as MUCH of a warm fuzzy. It may be more of “deeper regard” love, if you understand what I mean. It would be more of thinking very highly of your partner, rather than wanting to eat him up :/


This relationship may have a very early and intense bonding. You may feel as if you finally found someone who understands you deeply. The trine and sextile may not be as unstable as the conjunction. The conjunction seems to be such an intense bonding that is scares one person away. That has been my experience with Chiron in conjunction with personal planets.

5. Venus/Pluto

This is a wonderful aspect: the stuff of romance novels. This is deep love and deep passion. You will know it if you have experienced it once. You can feel it when you meet it again. In a relationship, this one aspect alone will not keep you connected. You still need Moon connections, but this aspect is very romantic.


This is similar to Venus/Uranus in that both people are hit with a lightning bolt. This aspect is not quite as intense as Venus/Uranus, which takes your breath away. You can still breath with this one, although your breathing may be shallow.


This is a mixed bag. The conjunction is not, usually, a good thing. There can be deception on both sides. Neither person may see the TRUE nature of the other. When the blinders come off( and they, always, do) there can be great rifts Venus trine and sextile Neptune is, likely, a good thing. Each can see the other through an optimistic, rosy glow.

8. Venus/Saturn

This is, also, a mixed bag. Venus conjunct Saturn may result in the Saturn person”riding the behind” of the Venus person. The Saturn person may be critical of the appearance and/or tastes of the Venus person. With the trine and sextile, there may be a nice sense of bonding and a glue that keeps the relationship together.

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