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Five Aspects for Instant Like or Dislike And WHY?

I am sure you notice when you like people instantly or dislike them instantly. Sometimes, people dislike you for no seeming reason. There is an answer and it is found in the charts. Of course, you knew that! Let’s explore this question astrologically.

1. Mars Conjunct the Moon

The Mars persons feels dislike for the Moon person. The Moon person, likely, does not understand why. It seems as if the Moon person will try to make it better, but the attempts, likely, will fail. In time, the nastiness seems to escalate. Hence, the Moon person should not try. The Moon person should muster his strength against the attacks. If the Moon person is gone, he can make the Mars person retreat. That is the best outcome in this situation.

2. Moon square Moon

This may not be instant dislike. This would, more so, be dislike over time. Hence, there may be great emotional differences which are impossible to bridge, but these may not surface until the relationship becomes more serious. I think one could intuit them prior to this, but one may dismiss them.

3.Moon Oppose Moon

This aspect is more of a small kind of back biting. These two can be friends and long term friends, but there may be an undertone of tension. This aspect may not kill a marriage. I would not like it, myself, in a marriage partner. I hate any kind of back biting dissension. I like good aspects to the Moon for marriage. The Moon is one’s heart. One’s heart is very sensitive.

4. Venus Square Venus

This aspect makes for very different tastes and likes. For example, one person may like opera and the other may like rap. One person may dress like a preppy and the other like a goth. One may like simple furniture and the other may like heavy, dark woods and large furniture pieces. Also, there may be a dislike of the mannerisms of the other. One may think the other dresses in a garish or unrefined way, for example. One may not like how the other one speaks. I think one could be in a relationship with this aspect, if the Moons were very good, but the tastes would, always, be an issue.

5. Nessus Conjunct the IC

The IC is one of the most sensitive points on the chart. Nessus is the asteroid of abuse. I would not like Nessus conjunct ANYTHING that was sensitive in my chart. If one has to do with a Nessu, one wants to use the strongest part of one’s chart, not one of the weakest.

21 thoughts on “Five Aspects for Instant Like or Dislike And WHY?

  1. amiannBartyBart

    I’m in a relationship right now like we have that venus square venus thing. It is casual but I have been thinking of moving it into long term but, no way.

    So here’s the aspects. Moon Sq. Moon, Venus Sq. Venus. Its impossible for us to have the same taste just about everything, he likes this and I’d prefer the other, at the verge of dissatisfaction and what the hells.

    Its because he likes chinese astrology and I like western astrology, he looves to shower me gifts I don’t want to have and I don’t give him gifts out of the risk of him not liking it. He tends to be obsesed with chinese music, I don’t like chinese music. I support his tastes just do it because if I won’t I might get screwed. I do love western music, and he does too but we still cant find a similar western song, his favorites are too crap to listen to, we might even say we came from two different worlds for real, so its driving me crazy just to find even one little thing or interest in common, or we both can’t just have any similar taste that easy. I hated it when he tells me to dress on the way he likes, then it escalated in a long debate. From expressing affection to expressing our selves when we’re talking. How emotionally nonsensical it is to be with someone you cannot even emotionally meet the needs of the other, this is just everyday. I often tell him that. I often tell my friends I’m mannequin when we talk cause I realized he doesnt even hear me at all.
    At times he would. But it rarely comes out that he understands me. I just feel misunderstood.

    Ahh soo relatable article madam amiann. Thanks for sharing.

    Then there’s that guy, I met, at my school who had a crush on me crushed me out of unexplainable tension , makes moon opposition moon. I remain friendly towards him but Id rather not be a friend that he can talk to and meet often, I hope he knows I tried. Even if I fake the coolness, my hands get colder. I often walk fast away from this person whenever I see him, its his presence that makes me feel uneasy.

    Havent tried nessus yet on synastry or any thing. Interesting.

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks so much for the great post, B! Yea, I would never get very close to a Moon square Moon. One girl scoffed at me because she moved in with her boyfriend and they had this in synastry. She really could not stand me due to my stance on Moon square Moon. WELL, he beat her up and she came back to me hat in hand. Not all Moon square Moon relationships will be this bad, of course, but there is not needed compatibility for long term imo.

        1. amiannamiann Post author

          No, the beating her up was not Moon sq Moon. That could be Pluto square Mars, for an example of a classic aspect for violence BUT Moon sq Moon explains hearts that do not UNDERSTAND each other, B.

      1. amiannBartyBart

        Just a relationship I wont recommend others would have. Even friendships could be boring instead of interesting, unless theres a good aspect with their or my “uranus” helping us to become more open minded from our friends or partners.

        This is when the bonding feels so hard indeed.
        His heart and emotions won’t sync in naturally.
        But being with someone who doesnt like what we like. And someome who sees love in a different view is not a satisfying relationship.

        This will only lead to stagnation as time goes by.

        Specially when the other partner is closed minded.

        (Moon Sq. Moon)

        Its like, I’m getting no feedback at all whenever I speak and his replies makes me feel like he hasnt heard me at all.

        Its like youre already giving your best at expressing love or just telling him something but it is unwanted by the other person because the other person will never consider what you said.

        The squares are at its best. Now we express affection in very different ways. He tells me he loves me, I never responded back with I love you too. I also dont find it comfortable saying it back and whenever he’s saying it.

        It’s not working, it doesnt work at all and saying that I love him will only make me feel worse. Cause If I say it when I dont feel it, I’d be lying to myself. Not to him.

        Whats the use of love? when a partner doesn’t even understand nor appreciate the love that the other gives and appreciate the love that the partner gives. It feels one sided. We do both love each other. But thats what happened here.

        (Venus sq. Venus)

        Then when it comes to our interests and likes, we both have a problem. What he might like is what I would dislike or what he might like would be just too uninteresting or dull for me.

        Its just that we’re too different. But we’re open to one another thats why I appreciate him even if we got a lot of differences.

        Thats the combination of venus sq venus and moon sq moon.

          1. amiannBartyBart

            Anytime. I’m glad I could contribute. I enjoyed my experiences lately, with people. Thank you so much for the opportunity to let me share my thoughts here. Wow. I’m amazed that I could easily understand and astrology vs. My majors. But you’re the best @amii your posts are impressive too. 🙂

        1. amiannJulia_Y

          BartyBart, thank you very much for sharing your experience.

          May I ask you a question, please? As, according to your words, this relationship turns out to be so uneasy and dissatisfying that you wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, why don’t you call it quits?

          1. amiannBartyBart

            Julia, I called it quits a week ago. Ive lost all my feelings for him. But he told me that its just challenges. But seriously its not. The reason why I continued for him its because I thought I could handle it better the second time around. But no. Ill call it quits again.

  2. amiannPheephee

    I wish I remembered my ex husbands birthdate. But I eradicated it all out of my brain and life. for real.
    I ran out of his life (necessarily) and then just whooshed it all out of my brain.
    Im sure we had some doozies. Nessus had to have been a factor.

      1. amiannPheephee

        Ya Ami, the second we met, it was this extremely intense, magnetic energy and yes, it just called out to both of us. It was SO extreme.
        It was like nothing I ever felt before and there was no choice in us getting together. Its like it HAD to happen.
        We obviously had something to work out lol.

        I do believe I know what Nessus feels like. I believe I would be able to step back now from that intensity if it ever happened again, and run screaming haha.

  3. amiannJulia_Y

    “1. Mars Conjunct the Moon. The Mars persons feels dislike for the Moon person.”

    This observation is somewhat true.

    Whenever my Mars conjuncts the other person’s Moon, I perceive the person as somebody weaker than me. My further response depends on the person’s gender.

    If this person is a woman, I am drawn to her. The woman is the pray, and I am the hunter, what a pleasure to deal with her.

    If this person is a man, I have hard time feeling he is manly. We may wonderfully chill out as pals, but I’ll most probably dislike his attempts to become more intimate with me.

    1. amiannBartyBart

      Interesting thoughts on it.
      Id like to share my views on the two people.

      Mars person will never change their minds about the moon and will see the moon person’s weakness and dislike them for it. They are making it obvious and they will make sure the moon does feel it. If it conjuncts the moon person. But they can’t help it, the mars person just can’t stand the moon and see them as cowards they can’t treat the moon as equals.

      Moon person will try to change the mars person’s mind about them by proving themselves that they can be equals, thus making the mars dislike them more and see the moom person as “trying hard.” The moon knows that, its no use to convince. So the moon person will usually often ask themselves, what have I done?

      1. amiannJulia_Y

        And what are your Moon and Mars signs, BB?

        “But he told me that its just challenges. But seriously its not”

        According to your upper post, it’s more of irreconcilable differences.

          1. amiannJulia_Y

            @BartyBart, thanks for letting me test my intuition. You sound so fiery that your Moon had to be in a fire sign (my bet was Aries). As for your Mars, I hesitated between Virgo and Capricorn, for you sound serious and write straight to the point.

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