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Ha Ha–Revenge Placements

I don’t know what got me thinking about revenge. I am a Cancer Moon. I have a very slow fuse to anger. However, if you push me enough( and the bar for “enough” is very high), you will, likely, regret it. Let’s talk about some placements that are apt to take revenge.

1. Scorpio Moon

Moon wise, this Moon would be the most apt to burn your car if you leave him. I, always, keep my eye on Scorpio Moons. I let them win, if I can. Why chance it?

2. Pluto Conjunct the MC

This is a power position—pure, unadulterated power. These duded( and dudettes) command power. Putin is a famous one and we, all, know his famous stare. This example says it all. However, I can add my dog’s “stink eye” to it.I think it is cute, although the trainer told me I should not encourage it.

3. Mars in Scorpio

You do not want to trifle with these dudes. If you want to have fun at someone’s expense, choose a Mars in Pisces. He will go and sulk in the back room, not slash your tires.

4. Cancer Moon

This one bears explaining. I am a Cancer Moon and I will tell on myself. We are very, very loyal–to a fault, but I don’t really believe it is a fault. I think loyalty is about the most important value out there. We are slow to anger. We are leaders. Cancer is a cardinal sign. We will try to make a situation work until a bomb blows up in our faces. We take our family, beloved friends and beloved pets very seriously.

The Moon is the heart. Cancer is the sign of the family( and by extension, the extended family i.e. close friends) If you trifle with a Cancer Moon, it will take a long time and a great deal of grievance they have to swallow( and swallow they do, as Cancer is the planet for the stomach) before they seek revenge. A Cancer Moon takes betrayal VERY seriously, so be aware of this with your Cancer Moon peeps.

5.Pluto Conjunct Saturn

I do not know people, personally, with this conjunction. I am told that it makes for cruelty. The square and opposition can, likely, be added. The reason is, likely, that powerful Pluto does not like to be squelched by “Critical, Carping Dad”. Powerful Pluto may become some form of a “basket case” when he cannot flex his biceps. Think of squelching Putin—not pretty. Hence, cruelty does make sense as an end result.If this aspect sought revenge, it would be, likely, cold revenge i.e revenge planned and carried our methodically.

4 thoughts on “Ha Ha–Revenge Placements

  1. amiannAce

    The FBI did a study on what astrology types were most likely to commit a violent crime….Numbers 2 and 3 were no surprise……….Scorpio and Sagittarius.

    The most common astrology sign to commit a violent crime?


    As stated above Cancers are very loyal, but if they find out someone, be it a family or friend has done something not loyal, Cancers can go berserk.

    They can be the Jeckyl and Hydes of the zodiac.

  2. amiannAnette

    I need to comment on the Saturn-Pluto aspect As I have this myself in the sign of Libra.

    It is quincunx Chiron in Taurus, and my Chiron is at 25 degrees. Yup, that’s Algol and Capulus fixed stars. In my 4th house. Alcohol, abuse (verbally, especially from my dad and coldness from my mom, whose Chiron is tight on my Sado). My Moon in Libra is at 12 degrees Libra, square to Mars in 12th house, at 8 degrees Capricorn. Anger issues much?! Naaah! *irony*

    These aspects make for a total wipe-out, relationship wise. When shit hits the fan, EVERYTHING goes. Everything. Pluto does not leave any leaf unturned when all hell finally breaks loose and Saturn let’s him out. Usually these planets behave. The key is honesty and integrity in relationships. Doing the RIGHT thing, intensely right. Act with kindness,integrity,honesty and be aware. Unfortunately I have so many shitty aspects that it is nearly impossible to keep track of them all when you’re stressed out and your own shit is flying.

    Saturn and Pluto are close to my 10th house and square my ascendant, so if I do not act with grace (Libra) this will very publicly means being beheaded (Medusa myth from Algol/Chiron). It’s not always easy. It can also mean that I have secret fantasies of making a public revenge on someone else. That’s usually where I get the sort of secret let-out of my very explosive anger which is hidden.

    I have Sado within 2 degrees on my Asc, and Nessus 3 degrees from my Desc. Talk about pain in relationships…..

    My latest BF dumped me when transit Chiron in Aries squared his Cap moon and transit Mars/Uranus had a blowup in Aries the 10th this February. Simultaneously transit Uranus was onto his own Chiron in the 10th.
    It got pretty ugly, dumped me on text after 8 months relationship when I had a meltdown due to lack of feeling security in the relationship. He has too much Gemini/Leo energy in his chart, his sun conj my Nessus and our Mars + Jupiter are square to each other.

    I have 4 personal planets in Scorpio, all clumped together tightly in the 10th house of Scorpio (Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter.)

    Hopefully this gave some insights into what these two bodies will entail?

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