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Can Squared Suns Can Help People Mature Or It It the Kiss of Death?

I have a squared Sun with someone with whom I am very close. I am a Gemini Sun. He is a Virgo Sun. This can easily make for a locking horns position a la two bulls. However, if there is a Moon connection, which we have, the people can learn a great deal from the relationship. The Moons have to have a good connection in order for this to work. The Moon is the heart. I do not believe a relationship can work with squared Moons. I do get reports from people who tell me that Aunt Gin and Uncle Oscar have been together for 50 years. Maybe so, but are you in their bedroom? I hate to say this because it will make me sound bad, but the more I do Astrology, the more I see how many idiots are out there. However, there are many amazing people out there as well. My clients are amazing because I pick and choose them. Enough with the digression, let’s talk about squared Suns.

Squares do not flow, as a general rule.They are like roadblocks. You may be driving your car down a pleasant road and you come across a roadblock. Maybe, the road has been flooded. Maybe, there has been an accident. There are a number of reasons why a road is not able to be traveled. However, all reasons make for a situation which the person cannot overcome. You may go back the way you came. You may choose a new road, but you cannot continue on the trip, as planned.

This relates to squares because I do not think one can overcome squares. One may GO AROUND squares. One may find a new route, as does the driver in the above example. However, squares are like bulls locking horns. They cannot be “worked through”. People disagree with me on this. In the past, I have gotten into many arguments about this point. I don’t argue. It is my opinion from doing thousands of charts and observing people. Of course, I could be wrong.

However, back to my squared Sun relationship. I am disorganized. He is neat.I am creative. He is analytical. I hate to be locked into commitments. He needs to plan things in detail. He is very wise in making systems for things. For example, walking the dog has a system. Feeding the dog has a system. Doing the laundry has a system. Washing the vegetables for juicing has a system. When I used to be the person making the juices, it would take me hours. I would do things in between. I would “dilly dally.” He gets it done in under an hour with the kitchen shiny and clean.

These are examples which could make two bulls lock horns. However, there is much to be learned from someone who is very, very different from you. That is my experience. However, you must truly love the person and have a heart connection in order to overcome the problems inherent in the square, in my opinion.

5 thoughts on “Can Squared Suns Can Help People Mature Or It It the Kiss of Death?

  1. amiannJenny

    Hi Ami.
    My 7th house ruler (mercury) is conjunct Chiron and Pluto. Could you maybe tell me a little about how it might manifest in love relationships? And does it describe the qualities of the pertners I attract or also how I act in relationships?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. amiannSasho

    In Vedic astrology moon square moon or opposition are one of the best combinations 🙂 Trine for istance between both moons creates competition in the couples. There is a rule in Jotish, men moon needs to be behind women moon so he can flow with her since the moon is a female planet but the guys are masculine .. so we can have time to understand what she wants :). Another thing, there are hidden booms between the moons combinations in Jotish.. very useful!

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      I don’t do Vedic. I have not studied so can’t talk from experience but I don’t like to move from the actual natal and synastry. I think we lose something

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