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How To Overcome Your Fears of Going Out Of Body (OBE)

Most everyone is afraid of leaving his body. For a very few people, this is a natural skill. However, for most, it has to be cultivated. It takes a great deal of discipline, akin to losing 100 pounds, in my experience. One must really, really want to have the OBE. If not, one will give up,either through fear or discouragement. I will try to give some practical advice for how to overcome the natural fear of having OBEs. First of all I will describe how it feels to leave your body and go into the actual OBE state.

One must go from the earth plane to the domain of the OBE. One is going to a dimension of a different vibratory rate. The way to get there is to raise one’s vibratory rate, so that it matches the rate of the new OBE dimension. In doing this, one may experience a plethora of strange experiences. One is simply shedding the vibratory rate of this earth dimension, in favor of the new vibratory rate, from what I have read. However, it comes with a variety of strange sensations. This is when most people give up. I will describe some of the sensations you may experience.

1. You have may as if you cannot breathe.

2. You may feel as if you are losing consciousness

3. You may feel as if you are paralyzed.

4. You may feel as if you are frozen stiff and can’t move

5. You may hear aloud clanging noise

6. You may feel as if you are shooting up to the sky as if in a rocket

7. You may feel vibrations which feel as if you are on the bottom of an actual rocket

These are just some that I have experienced. I have read about others. However, the MAIN thing to remember is that this experience cannot hurt you. One goes OBE during sleep, as a natural event. However, you want to be aware of it. That is the difference with an OBE in which you are conscious and aware. To summarize, it is perfectly safe. In fact, it is very,very healthy for your body and mind. The raising of your vibratory rate may even heal chronic health conditions. It will give you emotional and spiritual peace, if you are like I.

There are many reasons to cultivate the OBE. One is to know that there is more to life than this one earthbound dimension. One will know that , from one’s own experience, not from the mouths of others. Another is to raise one’s vibratory rate. This may result in psychic powers, as well as more physical energy and well being. There are only positive results from cultivating the OBE. There are no negative ones, other than you may be slightly homesick for the next dimension, on your return to this one.




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