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What I LIKE About Each Sun Sign

I am writing this article because I have a Libra Sun friend who is sunny. It hit me how much positive energy he brings. Each sign has its own wonderful traits. Let’s explore some.


I love the courage and the direct nature of Aries. You will know where you stand. I admire the confidence of the women, of which I have known a few. I am attracted–no homo—to their open and strong magnetism


These natives have a kind and sweet nature. If you don’t see it right away, you will if you know them well enough. I like that they are very grounded and centered, unlike me, an earth void. If there is a Muslim terror attack, attach to a Taurus and go where he is going.


This is me. We are very curious. We are open to any new idea, even if it is weird. People can tell us strange and weird things and we are kind of unfazed.


These natives are uber loyal and uber protective of those whom they love. I truly, truly admire loyalty as the top human value. Without it, what else really matters. I am a Cancer Moon.


These natives are wonderful story tellers. They have a sweet, innocent inner child who loves belly rubs, figuratively speaking.


These natives have lovely clean and organized homes. I am close to a Virgo and I appreciate the systems they form, even if it is hard for a disorganized person like me. Virgos have a kindness to them, as well. They seem to have a lot of empathy.

Libras bring a sunny, positive vibe into the room!


I like the keen perception of the Scorpio. I think one can trust a Scorpio women more than many other signs. They tend to be close lipped.


These natives have an excellent sense of humor. They, also, surprisingly, have high morals, even if they find ways to justify immoral actions
of their own.


Capricorn has wonderfully strong shoulders on which he can carry a frazzled, high strung person. I love the calm energy of the Capricorn. If you are ever in the midst of a Muslim terror attack, which seems to be happening almost daily now, find a Taurus and a Capricorn and go where they are going! They are wise in the ways of common sense and, also, quite brave!


I find Aquarius a hard sign to like, personally. I find that they argue for the sake of arguing, which drives me cray cray. However, they like space, so won’t crowd you. If there is a cause to fight, they are good ones to ask.


These natives are poetic and gentle. They are the types of souls with which one can experience a small taste of the next world, which is really the world they wish to inhabit. This current earth is too harsh for them.

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