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What Would Make An Attractive Woman NOT Be Approached By Men?

One of my beloved readers left this question on my Comment Form. If you have a question, that is the best way to get me. I read all of them and comment back.This question took some time for me to answer. I have some ideas I will share. Please, share some of your own. First of all, I do believe that our charts are fated. By this, I mean that I don’t believe we can change things in our chart, except through a relationship with Jesus. In this case, the spiritual world trumps the physical world.

The chart is the BLUEPRINT of the native. The blueprint extends from physical appearance to talents,struggles, relationships with parents, self esteem, intelligence etc—-pretty much everything. This stance gets me into trouble with the “fake spiritual” people. They tell me you can change anything if you have the will or the intent. I disagree. What can I say? I think some things are fated.

Why do I go down this line of thought to answer the question in the title of this article. The reason is that I bet the woman is exuding some sort of “vibe”, which is unknown to her. Now, the “vibe” could be many things. Sometimes, a beautiful woman could be too beautiful for many men to approach, but I don’t think this would be the case because enough men would approach a beautiful woman, so she would not ask this question.( I am not saying anything about the appearance of the lady who asked this question. I am just speaking in generalities)

So, what would be some of the possible reasons for her situation. Some woman have a “vibe” which reveals a dislike of men. In the chart, this may be hard aspects to the Sun. Sun square Saturn may reflect a father who pushed the daughter too much, such that the daughter may see men as controlling. Sun square Pluto may have been a father who was harsh. The girl may repress her own primal instincts as a result. Sun square Neptune may have been a father who was absent. He may have had drug issues or other addictions. She may not trust men due to the lack of stability. There are many nonverbal “vibes” which exude from all of us. It reminds me of the saying”Shut up, your body is speaking so loudly that I can’t hear you. I may have butchered that, but you get the point.

If we bring in asteroids, there are some which show extreme pain with men. One would be Sedna. Sedna shows great betrayal by men.The Sun conjunct Nessus may reveal an abusive father. The Sun conjunct Aphophis may reveal a father who made life chaotic, at best, and destructive, at worst. If you take my list of over 300 asteroids, you can find more. I am just showing a template of how this could work.

These are just some general thoughts. These are not specific to the lady who asked the question, whom I have not met or seen her picture. So, to this lovely lady, please do not take this personally.

5 thoughts on “What Would Make An Attractive Woman NOT Be Approached By Men?

  1. amiannEmn

    Thank you Ami for this article.
    I don’t really have any sun/planet harsh aspects , but I do have sun conjunct Nessus.
    I think another reason , which relates to the “vibe” you said, is that I might intimidate men for some reason. I looked at forums, some of them said moon in hard aspect to Pluto can intimidate men (I have the opposition). I have looked a lot on my chart laltely, and I think it also might be caused by venus in scorpio. Maybe also cause my Lilith and Medusa both conjunct my sun (not sure if Medusa as to do anything with that though )
    In general when I talk to guys it sometimes seems as if they are almost kinda scared and nervous no matter how friendly I am, there’s just some sort of tension. Well I guess that’s my faith as you said.
    Thanks again for taking the time to write that. 🙂

    1. amiannamiann Post author

      Thanks so much for responding. I agree about Venus in Scorpio. I will do a part Two and add that as wll as some of the other things you said like Medusa. I was thinking of that for the last article and will add that. Thank you for all the contributions you make to this website xox

    2. amiannKani

      I have moon square Pluto and Pluto square ascendant plus several harsh Neptune aspects (including sun square Neptune) that seem to make me come across as elusive (Neptune) and intimidating (Pluto) at the same timr. And I agree with you, men seem to be kinda scared of me.

  2. amiannEmn

    I would love for you to do a part two!

    I also wonder if venus square mars has a role in that too. Like men may sense the tension in the woman that has that, in the way she reacts to them or the male/female energy that is in conflict, in general (I refer to the people who have that undeveloped, like me I guess). And that might cause that also.
    Maybe even venus/Saturn connection in a chart may contribute to the uneasiness when it comes to dating, cause of the low self-esteem or acceptance and alienation caused by the fear of rejection or of being hurt .
    I don’t know if that really works that way exactly, I’m just talking from experience and from what I have understood about how those aspects work out.
    Thanks Ami .

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