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Mars, Mars, Mars—-Smoking Hot to Fish Hands Cold

I have several articles on Mars. However, I strive to write more because I try to simplify what I know and to add more truths I have learned from doing charts. I finished several articles on Venus, in which I showed that Venus is TASTE. It is what we find beautiful. Mars is how we pursue those things that we want, whether a person or a job. House does factor in.I have Mars in Cancer in the house of career. I have, always, been very ambitious. I like to set goals that are difficult and see if I can achieve them. This would be classic for a tenth house Mars. So, take the description for your Mars sign and then look at the sign on the House in which your Mars resides. You will have traits of that sign, too. (Why did I use the term “cold fish hands”? That is how Mars in Cancer feels, often. You want so badly to take direct action, say what is on your mind, but you pull back in fear that you will be rejected or ridiculed.)

The Mars Signs

The simplest way to think of Mars is of how effortlessly or with how much pure struggle you deal with going after goals,being assertive and “putting yourself out there”. This connundrum spells out your Mars with a few easy words. Remember, the planets and signs are really ENERGY. How the function is due to the flow of that energy. It is not your fault. It is your chart blueprint.

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